MoonCity 3-in-1 Soil Tester Kits, Soil Meter for Moisture, Light and pH / acidity Meter Plant Tester,Good for Gardener or Planter Both Indoor and Outdoors (No Battery needed)

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Soil pH Tester Kits, MoonCity 3-in-1 Soil Meter for Moisture, Light and pH / acidity Meter Plant Tester,Good for Gardener or Planter Both Indoor and Outdoors (No Battery needed)

Promotes Healthy Plants
This 3-in-1 Soil Meter helps you to better know your soil condition and take care of your plants more rational.
Let you know the soil moisture content, whether need to water or dry out the soil. You will never over/under water your plants again with this meter.
Help you to control pH level of soil, whether it is acidic or alkaline for your plants, never plant your lovely flowers into high-acid or Extreme alkalinity soil from now on.
Help you to determine
  • Soil Level: Measure soil moisture, pH and light by just plugging in the probe
  • Scientifically Accurate: Easy to read moisture, pH and light levels, promotes healthy plants
  • NO Battery Required: No batteries or electricity needed, plug and read
  • Let you know your soil: when to water, control pH level, determine if plant getting adequate light
  • Ideal Tool: Compact and portable design for indoor/outdoor use. If the Soil Meter's Pointer does not rotate, maybe the plants are very dry! It means that your plants need to water right now!

List Price : $ 25.99

Price : $ 8.99

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Testing your gardening soil is the best way to test the nutrient availability in the soil. In today’s video we will show you how to easily test your garden soil using a soil test kit. Product:

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