Nite Ize Original Gear Tie, Reusable Rubber Twist Tie, Made in the USA, 3-Inch, Assorted Colors, 4 Pack

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Nite Ize Original Gear Tie, Reusable Rubber Twist Tie, Made in the USA, 3-Inch, Assorted Colors, 4 Pack

Nite Ize - Reusable Gear Ties

What can you bundle, organize, tie or store up? Our 3" reusable Gear Ties have as many uses as you can dream up! With a soft rubber exterior that is colorful, UV resistant and holds shape, our reusable ties are cable ties, cord organizers and more, for home, office, garage, boat, or anywhere else that needs organization.

Available in a range of colors, these rubber twist ties work great as cable ties or cord organizers that add a punch of color, and
  • CONVENIENT 4 PACK - This convenient 4 pack gives you enough gear ties to manage your desk, drawers, tool box, or any other space that needs organizing.
  • REUSABLE RUBBER TWIST TIES - Our 3" Gear Ties have a soft rubber exterior that is colorful, UV resistant, and holds shape. The perfect all-around organizer for home, office, travel and more.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE - Reusable, bendable ties can be used as cable ties, cord organizers, rubber twist ties for headphones, for closing produce, snack and goodie bags, shoring up plant and flower stems and more, all with a simple twist.
  • DURABLE AND WATERPROOF - A Strong internal wire and soft rubber exterior makes for a durable, UV resistant, reusable, waterproof Gear Tie that holds shape and provides excellent grip. It will even hold up to salt water!
  • COLORFUL CABLE TIES - Use colorful 3" Gear Ties as cable ties or cord organizers that add a punch of color, and also help you stay organized with color-coding.
  • SAFE + SMART DESIGN - 3" Gear Ties have a soft rubber exterior that won't scratch, mark or ding. They are easily mountable to many objects. Each measures a functional 3" x .24" x .24" and weighs a mere .07 oz.
  • Made in the USA

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Learn how to wrap, twist and tie the Simplicity Double Layer Wrap skirt for 5 great looks! Easy to Sew Pattern 1164 can be worn as a skirt, a halter dress, an off the shoulder wrap dress, and a strapless dress. This quick video will show you how to create these looks, step by step. This convertible pattern is great for an evening out, casual wear or as a beach cover up! Pattern is available at

Learn to sew this skirt:

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