Snow Joe iON24SB-CT Cordless Self-Propelled Two-Stage 3-Speed + Reverse Digital Drive Snow Blower (No Battery + Charger)

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Snow Joe iON24SB-CT Cordless Self-Propelled Two-Stage 3-Speed + Reverse Digital Drive Snow Blower (No Battery + Charger)

DUAL DYNAMO, REVOLUTIONARY RECHARGEABLE! Just a few short years ago, Snow Joe took the world by storm with its innovative line of battery-powered snow blowers. Now we’re back in a BIG way again with the best-in-class iON24SB-CT. Ideal for clearing snow from sidewalks, large driveways and walkways, the Snow Joe iON24SB-CT is the revolutionary new addition to the Snow Joe iON arsenal and the world’s first dual-stage snow blower to provide easy and convenient GAS-FREE and CORD-FREE operati
  • Revolutionary battery-powered two-stage snow blower
  • 2 x 40 V Eco Sharp rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries provide up to 40 minutes (5.0 Ah) | 50 minutes (6.0 Ah) of whisper-quiet runtime
  • Integrated push-button display: LEDs indicate direction and speed selection
  • Serrated steel auger moves up to 1000 lbs of snow per minute; cuts a path 24 in. wide by 13 in. deep without damaging surface
  • ETL approved; Full 2-year warranty

List Price : $ 599.00

Price : $ 599.00

Check for updated price here

One of the indications of the effort needed in maintaining your snow blower is nothing else but its own size. As a rule of thumb, a larger snow blower requires more maintenance. The most crucial time to inspect your snow blower is when you are going to put it in the store for half a year, or until the next winter. Different brand requires different kind of maintenance that is usually described in the user’s manual.

There are three main categories that need specific maintenance, they are, engine, control and rotating parts. The following is the general guidelines for each of the main parts in the snow blower.

Fuel Stabilizer – Use fuel stabilizer before the snow blower is put away until next winter. The fuel stabilizer is to be added to the fuel tank and run the engine for a couple of minutes.

Oil Change – As with other machines, the oil needs a regular check up. Refer to the manufacturer’s manual for the suitable type of oil.

Spark Plug Replacement – Remember to change the plug annually. During the installation, oil should be put into the plug’s hole and the gap should be ensured properly. Refer to the manual for the torque needed for installation.

Lubrication – All bearing parts in the snow blower need regular lubrication as mentioned in the manual.

Controls – Control mechanism of the snow blower is unique to the type. Regular tightening is needed for the parts involved and if situation persist, the worn parts need to be replaced.

Belts – There are belts in the drive system that needs periodical inspection in order to ensure proper adjustment. Any worn belts need to be replaced, usually after a couple of years.

Blades – There are many types of blades used in the snow blower. They are made from plastic, rubber, and metal. Therefore the maintenance of blades is specific to the type of snow blower. It is necessary to refer to the manual for detailed guidelines in maintaining your snow blower’s blades.

Likewise your car, the running time of the snow blower needs to be logged in order to ensure proper maintenance. As mentioned before, the type of snow blower will determine the maintenance steps. In general, an electric snow blower needs minimal maintenance as compared to the gas snow blower. Detailed steps are always available in the manufacturer’s manual.

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This Radio Controlled Snow Blower has been years in the making.. Ryan Spyker is the designer of the snowblower attachment for my Kyosho Blizzard Snow Cat! I have upgraded this machine to include a set of aluminum tracks, a sound kit, a strong waterproof lifting servo, two batteries and two electronic speed controls. Check out more about this Snow Blower at :

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