Master Lock 90DSPT Gun Lock

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Master Lock Gun Lock, Keyed Trigger Lock, 90DSPT

Master Lock 90DSPT gun lock. The world standard in trigger lock design. Steel and zinc body for maximum durability. Special rubber pads protect gun's finish from marring or scratching.Because Kids Find Guns

Providing ways to enhance firearm safety is a major concern. Master Lock's full line of gun locks provides gun owners with an extra measure of security against unauthorized access or tampering by children.Most gun owners hide their firearms from sight. But no matter how careful they tr
  • GUN LOCK APPLICATION: Best used for handguns, rifles, and shotguns
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Trigger lock has a steel-and-zinc body for maximum durability; Special rubber cushion pads protect the gun's finish from marring or scratching
  • STRONG SECURITY: Gun trigger lock features positive locking mechanism with an adjustable ratchet for a secure fit
  • INCLUDES: Three trigger locks, two keys; Both keys open all three locks

List Price : $ 11.74

Price : $ 4.19

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This is an informational video about how to set the combination for the MasterLock 5423D Push Button Lock Box
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