Makita ADP06 12V CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Power Source

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Makita ADP06 12V CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Power Source

Turn your battery into a charging port with the 12V max CXT Lithium-Ion cordless power source. Mount the ADP06 on to a compatible Makita 12V max CXT™ Lithium-Ion battery and you get a USB charging port that delivers 2.1A output. Power output can be activated or deactivated with the on-off switch. For added convenience the built-in clip attaches to a belt or holster, with rubber covers for improved durability. It's part of the expanding 12V max CXT Series, combining performance with superior er
  • Charges 1 USB compatible electronic Device where AC power is not Available
  • USB port provides quick and easy charging
  • On-off switch activates or deactivates power output
  • Built-in belt clip attaches to belt or holster
  • Designed for job site durability

List Price : $ 28.00

Price : $ 15.99

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While I have been doing woodworking jobs for the past years, I still don’t know why my arms and hands get to tire out and hurt often. Later on I realized it was the tool I was using then – being bulk and heavy for a casual user like me. But since using Makita drill, every drilling task these days is handier and convenient. The powerful drive and torque makes it bore on hard surfaces smoothly without exerting too much effort.

When it comes to option, there are lots of cordless drills to select as you go shopping for one but Makita is way up there when it comes to class. Most of the leading brands just cannot really meet my requirements especially that most of my tasks need long drilling hours and everything depends on the tool capability. Makita drill has made my work very comfortable to the extent that I’m having fun working with it. To justify, take a glimpse of this review:

With my previous tool, I always find it difficult to use them because of the bulkiness and excessive weight that puts stress and pressure to my arms and muscles. It’s good that Makita have designed theirs with a rather slim body that is wrapped with full rubber so whenever you hold it, you won’t feel its bulk (it’s lighter also) and you will not feel too much pressure in your wrist.

Choppy movements of substandard drills can be very pesky. With the ease and comfort it provides, I haven’t even thought twice in settling with Makita. It has powerful torque that can pass through the wood without trouble so you don’t need to waste added strength just for assisting the tool to do its work.

Ni-Cad batteries are becoming obsolete these days because of the rising preference of lithium ion batteries by many consumers. Many tool companies have seen the advantage of Li-Ion batteries and have put it up in their tools. Though it weighs a lot lighter compared to Ni-Cad, power and capacity are greater.

Makita drill comes in a kit which includes the battery charger, the driver/drill as well as the small flashlight. Charging provides no worries since you just plug in it and everything’s all set in 30 minutes. With maximum power, the battery provides efficient and effective drilling work. Makita is brilliant in putting up a flashlight that’s very useful and functional when you need to work on dark and dim places where drilling can be impossible without the use of light.

Makita cordless is one of the highly dependable house tools you’ll obtain. If you need to grab the Makita 18v drill, immediately click the link and you’re all set.


Makita 18V Cut‑Out Saw XDS01Z

The Makita 18V Cordless Cut‑Out Saw is innovative and allows for a common frustrating cutting application on the job site to be done faster, cleaner and easier.

It very quickly, cleanly, and with no dust. The depth adjustment of this tool is key and does an excellent of at preventing nicking wires behind the wall. When you think of saving yourself from repairing wires, this tool just paid for itself. Highly recommended.
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