Pure Leaf, Unsweet Tea, 18.5 oz (Pack of 6)

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Pure Leaf, Unsweet Tea, 18.5 oz (1 Pack of 6 bottles)

Pure Leaf Iced Tea is real brewed tea with a fresh brewed taste and is made from the finest all-natural ingredients, using no preservatives, to create teas with the perfect balance of aroma, body and flavor. This all-natural iced tea begins with the freshest tea leaves picked at their peak. The leaves are then hand-selected from China, India, Africa and South America for their distinctive and smooth flavor by Pure Leaf’s Master Tea Blenders. Pure Leaf is proud to be Rainforest Alliance Certifi
  • 1 Pack of 6, 18.5 oz Bottles
  • Hand-selected black tea leaves are freshly brewed in water until the drink achieves the perfect flavor
  • Brewed from real tea leaves
  • 0 Calories per 8-oz serving

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Green tea is one of the four types of tea. It comes from the leaves of Camellia Senensis. It is said that they originated from China, and now green tea is not only famous in the place it originated but it also became important in Asia and popular in Europe and North America too.

The tea is going through some tests both medically and scientifically to know and identify its best output. In many cases it shows that the green tea gives low chances of heart disease and developing any type of cancer. The tea is also known for its weight losing effect across the world.

Like coffee, green tea also contains caffeine, but the processing and the reusing of the leaves helps to avoid the consumers of taking it in. If the drinkers don’t want to drink the caffeine then they should keep brewing the leaves as much as they can to avoid it.

Also studies shows that green tea can give benefits in people’s health. This tea was believed to be used in ancient medicine and is used in traditional treatment in the past. It is usually a food supplement but as time goes by and experts see the health benefit that people can get out by just drinking these teas. Aside from cleansing the body and speeding peoples metabolism which will lead to weight lost, it can also lessen your chances of being sick.

Since green tea is not only gaining popularity in Asia but also in the whole world many people want to buy it. So here are some tips when you buy green tea online or in your local stores.

First you should know something about this tea, look up if they have side effects what you can gain when you drink it and other benefits that you can get out of drinking it. It is important to know what you are buying and how will it benefit you.

Next, since there is lots of green tea out there that you could choose from you have to decide first what kind of green tea you want and what its brand is. Deciding this ahead of time will help you save time when you search online and faced with a variety of tea that you could choose from.

Know your budget, if you have a budget set in buying the tea then you should compare prices online and see which site offers you a great deal.

Ones you have chosen a site, make sure that it is an authentic site and not a fake one. For I think everyone don’t want to be a victim of internet scams, so you need to be careful in buying online. When you are sure of the website then buy the tea but if you are having second thoughts then find another site where you could buy your tea.

Steve Schwartz is known by many authoritative figures in the tea industry as a Master Tea Blender. He has blended award winning teas under our Art of Tea brand. Just visit to begin browsing and buy green tea online.

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