ZENY 59″ Cotton Rope Double Hammock with Spreader Bars

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ZENY 59" Cotton Rope Double Hammock with Spreader Bars

Made with over 900 feet of twisted rope
Heavy Duty Cotton
132" x 59" overall length(Ring To Ring); 71" x 59" bed size 1 1/4" thick hardwood spreader bar
Sturdy suspension ring with Chains
  • Warm notice: It's 12FT stand fits for this cotton hammock.
  • Whenever you want to relax or lounge around, our cotton rope hammock is perfect for any outdoor patio, backyard, or front yard. The hammock consists of 900 feet of twisted rope which is made from heavy duty cotton. This hammock is the best accessory you can buy for your outdoor area.
  • The heavy duty cotton provides a soft feel along with superior outdoor durability. The thick hardwood spreader bar adds stability along with the sturdy suspension rings that are provided.
  • The weight capacity for our cotton rope hammock is 450lbs .
  • 132" x 59" overall length(Ring To Ring); 71" x 59" bed size

List Price : $ 139.00

Price : $ 34.99

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