SOG SOGfari 18″ Machete MC02-N – Hardcased Black Blade w/ Saw Back, Rubber Handle, Nylon Sheath

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SOG SOGfari 18" Machete MC02-N - Hardcased Black Blade w/ Saw Back, Rubber Handle, Nylon Sheath

The SOG Specialty Knives & Tools MC02-N SOGFari features a real working saw on the back of the blade and is one of the most useful tools in the world, having cleared brush, blazed trails, chopped wood, made shelters and helped harvest crops. Made of 3CR13 steel with an attractive black powder coated finish, the 18-inch saw back with a fixed blade has a machete shape that can be used for survival exploration and clearing trails. The ergonomically contoured and well balanced handle has a black fin
  • Professional-grade, dual edged machete
  • 12.9" or 18" blade made from 3Cr13 stainless steel
  • Straight edge blade on one side, large tooth serrated edge on the other

List Price : $ 33.00

Price : $ 17.68

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When it comes to surviving a jungle, to breaking out of a tangled hell, there isn’t anything, anywhere that can compare to the magnificent machete. You won’t find another tool or device that can work as fast and as efficiently. So, how do you know what to look for when it’s time to get one?

Well, when it’s time to choose a machete, there are certain features that it should never have. Really. It shouldn’t be lightweight. It shouldn’t be bright and shiny. Please, no. Machetes that possess such qualities usually can’t hold a very sharp edge. This makes them very inefficient. The machetes themselves won’t last very long, either. That very thin blade could just break in two on your first hard job. A shattered blade flying uncontrollably through the air is entirely possible. Believe it.

The best kinds of machete are those that are made of high carbon steel blades with spring temper. This sturdy composition allows for some flexibility of the blades with very little fear of snapping them in two. They can be identified immediately by the black oxide finish of the blade. If not, there is usually some other black anti-rust baked-on finish. The best handles are high impact shatterproof polymer handles that are usually black in color. Steel compression rivets are optimum for holding the handles in place.

As with a sharp knife, a sharpened machete–and even when its not–should always have a sheath on. Just falling on an unsheathed machete, knocking your swinging arm into it or even accidentally kicking it on the ground could really result in a terrible injury. Don’t even question the need for it. If you haven’t got a sheath, leave it at home.

Here are a couple of “don’ts” for choosing a sheath. Cloth-like vinyl sheaths are easily found but they aren’t recommended. The blade should have a much stronger form of protection. There are some wooden sheaths available but they aren’t very practical, especially in the field. They could split or break and you’d be left carrying an unsheathed machete.

While some machetes come with very nice leather sheaths, this type of sheath isn’t recommended for a working machete. Especially not when you’re going to store it. It is suggested that they only be used for show. Leather absorbs moisture and facilitates the production of tannic acid. This will then accelerate the formation of rust. Such a problem can, and should be avoided. You really don’t want to go there.

The best machete sheaths are made of a very tough, very thick flexible plastic that completely covers the blade from tip to handle. Military surplus stores are the best places to find them, although they are available at many other stores. They aren’t as common as leather sheaths but they are so much more functional. My personal favorite is the one that comes with a metal swivel belt hook and a built-in sharpener. The classic military machete sheath. Very nice.

Some new machete models have features that are quite impressive. These features improve the functionality of the machete. Some have a prominent saw-toothed edge at the spine of the blade, sometimes called a saw back. Minus the tip, it sometimes covers almost the entire length of the spine. It’s awesome. This is a machete with a fully functional saw. Really nice, especially for rubbery or extremely hard wood. There’s no need for repetitive chopping.

Another improved feature is the addition of long grooves that run lengthwise along the flat of the blade. These grooves allow for better removal from sappy wood or vegetation of similar texture. Lanyard holes are not a requirement of machete handles but they sure are nice to have. It helps for temporary storage on the quick.

There are many styles and types of machetes available in today’s market. You could get a Bowie machete, a bolo machete, a two handed or a double edged machete, to name just a few. These machetes range in price from just over five dollars to nearly a hundred dollars (sheath and sharpening stone included). Even the best machetes can be found at less than thirty dollars. Just be sure it has the best features possible and lacks the features that will only weaken it.

A good quality machete is an extremely valuable tool in the right circumstance. It is extremely versatile and efficient. Any person who often finds him or herself out in the field is highly recommended to have at least one in their collection of tools. Nothing compares to the magnificent machete.

Len Q. is a master blade sharpener. If you would like to find out about – Knife Sharpening: How to Sharpen Knives, Maintain and Store Them – Sharpening Other Edges (i.e. Chain Saws, Lawn Mower Blades, Gardening Tools, Axes) Find it at

Machete pelicula de accion completa en español latino
Machete pelicula de accion completa en español latino
Machete pelicula de accion completa en español latino
Machete pelicula de accion completa en español latino
Machete pelicula de accion completa en español latino
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