Easton Power Pad, Black

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Easton Power Pad, Black

Easton Power Pads are designed to reduce vibration and improve grip and comfort. Offered in 5 colors helps you identify your bat quickly on the rack.
  • Reduces bat sting
  • Improves Grip
  • Colors: Black, Red, Royal, Clear, White

List Price : $ 4.99

Price : $ 2.69

Check for updated price here

Polycom ViewStation is most easy to use video communications systems on the market now. But, viewstation has many different model and different version. Power supplies for the viewstations are complicate. Polycom Company already discontinue to produce the power adapter parts. also don’t support many old version viewstation. is almost the only company who can custom make most special power supplies for many viewstations. Please contact powerpayless if you are looking for special viewstation power adapter. remember, choose right power supply may damage your system.

powerpayless has the equivalent power adapter which has same function as 1465-20856-001 power supply. (

It can be use for ViewStation H.323, ViewStation 128, ViewStation 512, ViewStation MP, ViewStation DCP etc. Th5 power supply has a 5-pin connector on the codec. It works with input power ranges of 100V to 240V at 47 to 63Hz (i.e. it’s suitable for international and US locations). DC output has 5V and 12V double output. It also be used for Viewstation PVS-14XX series device.

Polycom ViewStation PVS-16XX series require different power adapter as series PVS-14XX. They look like same double output. but, pinout configuration is different. It can use comparable Power Adapter as sceptre SPU41-13-2 PS-303-5. (
Viewstation PVS-1419-Q MP power adapter is totally different. even they has same 5pin connector. But, it need +/-12V output. It can use comparable power adapter as sceptre SPU41-13D-1 PS-303-4. (

powerpayless also support other kind viewstation power adapter. just go to the website and contact them.

Power Pay Less has 30 days money back warranty and will meet or exceed the original power adapters because they are manufactured for high performance in our factories using the best quality cells and most up to date safety and engineering control standards:

High/low temperature shut off protection.

Thermal runaway protection.
Overcharge shut off protection.
Over discharge shut off protection.
Cell imbalance shut off protection.
Fire resistant plastic casing.

powerPayless is a leading resource of quality power supply equipment for power monitors, televisions, digital cameras, laptops, cell phones and electronic equipment. We specialize in OEM AC/DC power adapters, and customized power connectors in any voltage or amperage. To begin viewing our large selection of in-stock power adapters, click on the menu above. Need a large quantity? Email for a special quote.

PowerPayless is a leading resource of quality power supply for LCD monitors, televisions, digital cameras, laptops, cell phones, electronic equipment, etc. Our sourcing includes custom items, off the shelf items and hard to find items. We maintain a large in house selection of adapters in our warehouse; therefore we can ship out most orders within 24 hours. Our first priority is to our customers, to provide them top quality parts while maintaining customer satisfaction.

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