USB Charging Port Charger Socket Board JDS-030 with 12 Pin Flex Ribbon Cable Replacement Part for Sony PS4 Version 3 3rd Generation PS4 Wireless Dualshock 4 Controller + Free Tool

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USB Charging Port Charger Socket Board JDS-030 with 12 Pin Flex Ribbon Cable Replacement Part for Sony PS4 Version 3 3rd Generation PS4 Wireless Dualshock 4 Controller + Free Tool

USB Charging Port Socket Board with Flex Ribbon Cable Kit
Model number: JDS-030 160407
Cable pin number: 12-Pin
Compatible with: PS4 3rd Generation PlayStation 4 Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller

Condition: Brand New
Board Part Number: JDS-030
Board Color: Green
USB Type: Micro-B USB Port
Board Connector: 12-Pin
Cable Pin Number: 12-Pin
Cable Length: 10cm
Tool: PH000 Philips (1.5+) Screwdriver

Package Includes:
  • Brand New and High Quality
  • USB Charging Port Socket Board JDS-030 160407 With 12 Pin Flex Ribbon Cable
  • Replacement for 3rd Generation (Version 3) PlayStation 4 Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller
  • Package includes: 1x USB Charging Port Socket Board + 1x 12 Pin flex ribbon cable + Free tool
  • Instructions are not included however multiple videos are available on YouTube

List Price : $ 11.49

Price : $ 11.49

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