Boats N’ Hoes Gold Glitter Party Banner | bachelorette | nautical theme | funny | birthday

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Boats N' Hoes Gold Glitter Party Banner | bachelorette | nautical theme | funny | birthday

*Handmade in the USA by a small Minnesota based family business
*Letters are each 5" tall and roughly 2.5" wide
*Letters are adjustable along white string
*Glitter card stock is professional quality, 300gsm weight
*Duo-toned glitter for maximum sparkle
*Backed with sturdy white card stock

List Price : $ 12.95

Price : $ 12.95

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The back hoe is best described as a three part piece of construction equipment, combined into one unit. It is a tractor, a loader and an excavator. It was developed by JCB, a British Company which specializes in construction machines and equipment, in the year 1953.


The earliest backhoes were actually tractors with both a hoe and a front-mounted loading bucket. This remained the original design followed by other manufacturers thus the name JCB was attributed to any back hoe no matter who manufactured it.

In the year 1959, Hy-Dynamic, an American company introduced another design for the back hoe and referred to it as the Dynahoe Model A. This new design allowed 14,000 lb operating weight and 14 foot dig depth. It is powered by a 65hp continental “Red Seal” 6 cylinder gasoline engine but was then converted to a 353 diesel engine on the year 1961. In the year 1964, the gasoline engine design was faced out.


It is a tractor-like vehicle with both an arm and bucket mounted on the front. Unlike a bulldozer which lifts dirt using a forward motion, it digs dirt backward. It is powered by hydraulic and has a quick coupler feature which allows for simplified attachment mountings. It is a general purpose tool and modern back hoe manufacturers have added innovative attachments to it like breakers, grapplers, augers and tilt rotators. Some popular back hoe manufacturers include Case CE, Global Construction Equipment, JCB, Terex, Ford Motor Company and John Deere.


Back hoe is commonly associated with construction. One of its main functions is as a loader. It removes any unwanted dirt in chunk. It is like a gigantic and powerful dustpan which will scoop out the dirt for you. It is used to pick up and carry large amounts of loose materials and is a perfect tool in excavating.

Back hoe can also be used to smooth things over just like a butter knife. It can flatten or push dirt just like a plow. It is perfect before pouring cement on an excavated land.

Back hoe is also used as a digger. It is used to dig up hard compact material. At times it is also used to lift heavy loads. It can lift heavy materials and drop it in a pile.

Basically, the back hoe is an extended arm, a gigantic arm if you may say. It can do almost anything that a normal arm can do. So it is considered a wonderful aid for anyone may it be in construction or as excavators.

Back Hoe for Purchase

There are a lot of companies which are selling used excavators. Back hoe and excavators for sale can easily be purchased online but purchasing used excavators and back hoes can give your company more savings. Some used back hoes can even go as low as $ 12,100, that is a lot cheaper than what a new back hoe will cost you and most of the time these used back hoes are in good quality condition.

It is best to be diligent and check out online offers. You never know, you may find the perfect back hoe for your company.

Robert Tate-Region Sales Manager of Mascus UK.Mascus is an electronic marketplace for excavators,tractors,trailers and trucks.Mascus makes trading in backhoes for sale more efficiently by collecting all information about supply and demand in one place. Contacts: Robert Tate E mail:

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