Boats and Hoes Can and Bottle Insulator Cooler – White

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Boats and Hoes Can and Bottle Insulator Cooler - White

If you like boats, and you also like hoes, this is the print for you! This funny boats & hoes design is perfect for the beach or pool, or for actually boating, partying on the yacht, sailing, and soforth. You'll have worldwide prestige. Maybe. Actual item and print may differ in color, as every monitor is made and calibrated differently.
  • Makes a great gift for Birthdays, Holidays, Picnics, Bachelor parties, Bacheloretes, Briday Showers, Dance Party, Graduation, Father's Day, Mothers Day, Housewarming, family reunions or hostess gifts.

List Price : $ 4.99

Price : $ 4.99

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