Amazlab DL4W Steel Dual Lens Flexible Magnifier LED Desk Lamp USB Cabled, Powerful 3x6x Magnifying Glass, Smoothly Adjustable Unfloppable Gooseneck and Extra Bright LED Lights. Matte White

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Amazlab DL4W Steel Dual Lens Flexible Magnifier LED Desk Lamp USB Cabled, Powerful 3x6x Magnifying Glass, Smoothly Adjustable Unfloppable Gooseneck and Extra Bright LED Lights. Matte White

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Has small pieces, please keep away from small children before installation.
Plastic bag can cause suffocation, please keep away from small children.
Please do NOT leave this lamp unattended in direct sunlight as this may pose a risk of fire.
LED Count: 18
Consumption: 2.5 W
Magnification: 3x 6x
Luminous Flux: 180 LM
Lens Diameter: 3 inches
Power Input: 5V 600mA
  • Magnifying lens is 3 inches in diameter, has a dual 3X6X magnifying piece and coupled with a budge resistant, anti-scratch, anti-slide base that makes it brilliant for delicate, detailed work!
  • The malleable gooseneck with a strengthened center guarantees you can get the lighting angle you need, without flopping or drooping.
  • LED lights circling the magnifying lens, creates a halo effect that offers an even spread of light, that lets you see even the smallest bristles on a leaf clearly.
  • USB headed cord can be used with cellphone chargers/PC/laptops/external power source for your convenience, no need to limiting its use for indoors only.
  • All products are UL listed and have been tested and approved by Amazlab. For more information please refer to Product Details.

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Price : $ 69.99

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