FLASH SALE!! EverSaw FOLDING HAND SAW All Purpose, Wood, Bone, PVC. Best for Tree Pruning, Camping, Hunting, Toolbox. Rugged 8″ Blade, Solid Grip.

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FLASH SALE!! EverSaw FOLDING HAND SAW All Purpose, Wood, Bone, PVC. Best for Tree Pruning, Camping, Hunting, Toolbox. Rugged 8" Blade, Solid Grip - Quality Made for Real Work

Looking for a high-quality, rugged hand saw that:- Isn't flimsy?
- Has a solid grip instead of a cheap plastic handle?
- Locks for safety with a gear style lock instead of a pop button?
- Is designed to reduce friction and binding and to stay sharp?
- Can be tightened to prevent wobbly blades?
- Closes with no exposed teeth to snag on anything?
- Is made for REAL work and cuts wood, bone and plastic easily?

EverSaw 8.0 is a sturdy, well-made folding hand saw perfe
  • ▲ HOW WE'RE DIFFERENT: EverSaw 8.0 is a high quality tool with a Lifetime Warranty, backed by dedicated Customer Service. You're getting a sturdy, all purpose pull-cut hand saw that's built to last and made for real work & serious play - Makes a great gift!
  • ▲ RUGGED 8" BLADE, Triple-cut razor teeth hardened to stay sharp for smooth, fast sawing ▲ EASILY CUTS wood, bone & plastic. MULTI-PURPOSE utility job saw. Easy and safe to carry
  • ▲ ERGONOMIC, slip-resistant, comfort grip handle. Gear style lock for safety. Adjustable medium tooth blade
  • ▲ SUPERIOR DESIGN to reduce friction and binding with Japanese style pull cut sawing
  • ▲ 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! If you aren't completely happy with your EverSaw, we will replace or refund your order, no questions asked ▲ EverSaw 8.0 has a LIFETIME WARRANTY ▲ For MULTI-UNIT DISCOUNTS: Scroll down to Special Offers & Product Promotions area. Up to 20% off of today's order.

List Price : $ 27.99

Price : $ 17.76

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The ability to precisely and safely cut sheet goods like wood, plastics and composites, is needed for large shops, small shops and home shops. A panel saw is any machine that can be used to cut wood and other hard materials into carefully sized pieces. Woodworkers, sign shops and home shops now can use an industrial panel saw easily, precisely and safely cut large sheets with one person.
When you are ready to purchase a vertical panel saw, you will realize that there are many options from which to choose. You have the option of costly and complicated heavy machines that use computer controls to shift blade and fence features to pre-set locations for automated production. On the other hand, simpler machines can still offer ease of use at an affordable price. Saw Trax panel saw users are able to make precise cuts. There are many panel saw manufactures with similar looking panel saws for sale, so you have to look at the features and benefits to make a decision. We believe that the Saw Trax Vertical Panel Saw is the most cost effective and provides the flexibility and value that customers look for.
When considering panel saws for sale, the you should keep in mind is that used machines can have reliability issues. The buyer assumes a lot of risk when choosing to buy a panel saw from an unknown source. The buyer will be unable to obtain a warranty and the seller will not offer a warranty, meaning that the buyer is taking all of the risk.
When purchasing a machine to use in a business, that machine makes money for the company. The few dollars saved when buying a used machine can be greatly offset by the cost of lost revenue by not being able to get procuts out on time when the machine is broken.
If choosing a used machine, make sure the seller offers a warrently. If he doesn’t believe in his product enough to give you a warrently, then why should you believe in it by purchasing it?

Founded by Michael Della Polla in 1988, Sawtrax started making panel saw kit in 1992. We offer different cutting solutions for our customer base. We have a specialized hand in tool cutting, table top cutting tools, saw kits to our most popular product, vertical panel saws.You can visit us through our website

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