Serta Laguna Outdoor Sofa Brown Wicker with Beige Cushions

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Serta Laguna Outdoor Sofa Brown Wicker with Beige Cushions

Enjoy luxurious comfort in your own backyard with the Serta Laguna outdoor sofa. Stretch out, sink into the soft six" Beige cushions & accent pillows & kick back with a cold drink & your favorite novel. Bring warmth & cozy sophistication to your outdoor living space with dark brown, hand-woven wicker to entertain in style or simply unwind in the sun. Premium, high-density polyethylene resin along with a rust-resistant aluminum frame & quick-drying Olefin cushions deliver weather-resistant durabi
  • Six-inch High-Density foam cushions for ultimate comfort and support
  • Hand woven, all-weather wicker for durable, long-lasting outdoor dependability
  • Upholstered cushions feature quick-drying olefin fabric resistant to fading, staining and mildew
  • Powder-coated aluminum frame and feet prevent scratching and provide rust-resistant durability
  • Easy assembly required

List Price : $ 649.99

Price : $ 649.99

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Creating a nice place at home enables us to spend a wonderful weekend with our dear family or friends. A very good recommendation is to build a patio on your courtyard and make that place an area for relaxation. Situate an outdoor sofa set for a comfortable sit. Look for this outdoor furniture at any home design stores and see different kinds where you can select your desired outdoor furniture.

Setting up a patio needs outdoor furniture that is useful for daily use. The main objective here is to have a wonderful and comfortable place to stay. Purchasing an outdoor sofa set can provide the comfort that we need. It can be made from wood, wicker and aluminum materials; whichever is the preference of the buyer. A good advice is to look for the sturdiest and most durable among the available materials. Being outdoor furniture, it must withstand the different elements of nature.

When we talk of toughness against heat and water, aluminum is the best candidate. It has the ability to resist water and can stand heat for a long time. Aluminum does not rust unlike iron and steel. It is very light in weight which allows the owner to transfer it to any place in the patio. This material is very pliable. Even a slight nudge with a hard object, it can be bent easily. It is highly recommended that this outdoor furniture be placed in areas where it cannot be hit frequently.

Another type of outdoor furniture which is made from natural material is the wicker outdoor sofa set. Using wicker outdoor furniture provides a cool and refreshing feeling. This material does not absorb heat too much like aluminum and wood. Previous wicker outdoor sofa sets can easily deteriorate when it gets wet. It is because of the naturally-made materials from rattan and other root fibers.

Today, there are other alternatives used to withstand heat and water. Polyethylene is used to make wicker outdoor sofa set. It allows the outdoor furniture to resist water and its outer surface does not peel off. This is what modern day technology can provide.

Knowing that we can obtain a very durable kind of outdoor furniture, still we cannot allow leaving them without any covering or protection. We have to maintain our outdoor furniture always neat and nice. Remember that this is our property and we have to protect them also. Follow the significant methods of taking care of this outdoor furniture and make them last for a long time.

One way to protect our patio furniture is to make use of a patio umbrella. This is a very important tool needed in a patio. It can protect us from rain, heat and other simple falling objects. A very good type of patio umbrella is the offset patio umbrella. This is very much different with the typical patio umbrella that we are familiar. An offset patio umbrella can be adjusted to properly cover the one using it. The umbrella has the ability to be tilted to a certain angle depending on which position is desired.

The offset patio umbrella doesn’t have an iron pole in the middle that serves as stand. Its stand can be found on the side attached to a heavy base. With the absence of a stand underneath, anything can be placed under this patio umbrella without experiencing any obstruction. Your outdoor sofa set can be placed without any problems. Complement it with some chairs and a small table. For a finished transformation of the patio, install a very significant outdoor patio heater. This heater will regulate the temperature on the patio and make it warmer. With an outdoor heater present, anybody can stay much longer in the patio without thinking of the cold weather. This is a necessity among countries with cold climate.

Why people have to create a patio when they can find other places to spend their weekend vacation?
– Lots of people prefer to stay at home and spend the weekend with their families
– According to many, they feel much relaxed when they stay on their patio
– People just make this a habit of improving a certain part of the home
– Some people get satisfied with something they have accomplished without the help of an expert.

Article by Craig Desmier of, a website with the largest selections of all weather wicker outdoor loveseat and outdoor wicker sofas for your household needs.

This sectional was inspired by Ana White: check out her video

Instruction/ cut list can be found at

Tools we used :Ryobi 18volt drill and circular saw.
We used 3 inch screws and 31 weather treated 2×4’s.
3 foam cushions were used and 7 yards of fabric.
The fabric is from Jo-Ann. .99 a yard

All building materials were purchased at Home Depot.

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