Serta Catalina Outdoor Sofa, Bronze

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Serta Catalina Outdoor Sofa, Bronze

Have you been looking to add to your outdoor furniture collection? Well, it's time to stop searching because Serta has the perfect piece for your space. Spruce up your outdoor seating area with this beautiful Serta Catalina Outdoor Sofa. Featuring a bronze metal aluminum frame and beige cushions, this sofa was designed for both durability and comfort. The clean, angular lines are modern and versatile for pairing with a multitude of decor styles. Ideal for seating two or more people, the Serta Ca
  • Upholstered with durable, easy to clean outdoor fabric
  • High-quality materials including a bronze metal aluminum frame
  • Durable for outdoor use
  • Features thick cushions for ultimate comfort and clean, angular lines
  • Easy assembly required

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Creating a good place at your home enables you to spend a great weekend with family and close friends. A very good recommendation is to construct a patio on your backyard or courtyard and make it a place for recreation and relaxation. Outdoor designers will tell you that the outdoor furniture is the heart of the garden or patio.

When you are making any modifications to the patio or outdoor furniture, you have to keep in mind few important features, such as ambience of the garden or patio, design of the garden or patio, surroundings of the garden or patio, appearance of the garden or patio. You can start off by keeping an outdoor sofa set, couch, or lounge in the garden or patio and get started with designing your garden or patio in great pomp. When you have an outdoor sofa, you will surely experience a heavenly bliss.

When you have the outdoor sofa set, couch, or lounge, you can surely lay back, enjoy and relax. You will have not more depressions and no more worries when you have some time to sleep or rest on the sofa set. If you don’t have the perfect outdoor setting it will be very difficult to create an aura around the house. So, it is very important that you have a good interior and a good exterior. Any type of good outdoor furniture is good enough as long it is comfortable and good to the eye.

A simple wicker outdoor sofa set can also look very elegant if the right designs are selected. When you visit several furniture stores or sofa set stores, you will find a huge variety of sofa sets, couches or lounges. At times, it becomes very difficult to select the best sofa sets, couches or lounges from the entire group of sofa sets, couches or lounges. Wicker furniture is regarded as one of the best furniture that can be kept in the outdoors.

However, these days, you will find some good furniture dealers stocking up indoor wicker furniture as well. Generally, many people cannot make out the difference between outdoor wicker furniture and indoor wicker furniture. As a buyer it is very important that you first understand the difference between the outdoor furniture and indoors furniture. Although, most indoor furniture can also be used in the outdoors, it is better to have specialized furniture in the outdoors. If you want to get rid of your old indoor furniture, it is better to sell it off and get some good money.

If you use the old indoor furniture in the outdoors, you will surely spoil the ambiance of the outdoors. More than the comfort, people are looking at making a style statement when they are designing their outdoors such as the patio, backyard or garden. Keeping old and dull looking furniture in the outdoors will never serve any purpose and you will surely not get any praise from your guests or onlookers. If you are using wicker furniture in the backyard, patio, verandas or balconies, you will see the difference and guests will also like them.

More than the comfort, it is the looks that attract the guests to the wicker furniture. The best advantage of wicker furniture is that it can be easily washed or cleaned. Moreover, because the wicker furniture is light in weight, you will be able to move it at the desired place with ease. A good wicker outdoor furniture will surely change the entire look of the backyard, patio, verandas or balconies.

To enhance the backyard, patio, verandas or balconies further, you will have to buy additional furniture items that will complement the already existing furniture in the backyard, patio, verandas or balconies. The backyard, patio, verandas or balconies will look very good and comforting if you have a great seating arrangement or system. If you are planning for a big bash in the backyard, patio, verandas or balconies, you will have to make major preparations.

First and foremost, if the guest list is large, you will need additional furniture for your backyard, patio, verandas or balconies. You can either buy the additional furniture or you can contact a furniture renting company to get you the furniture for the big day.

Article by Craig Desmier of, a website with the largest selections of all weather wicker outdoor loveseat and rattan outdoor sofa for your household needs.

This is #4 of my 5 part #DIY series, showing you how to make a Patio Sofa/Bench. #outdoorliving #OutdoorSeating made easy! #cinderblock #wood Here are a few links (affiliate) to some the materials I used to make this project.



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