PER4M Leg Power Tube

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PER4M Leg Power Tube

PER4M Leg Power Tube increases lower body strength and build robust power and leg drive. The Leg Power Tube provides resistance while moving in all directions to allow for freedom of movement and balanced strengthening.
  • Build complete lower body strength for explosive moves
  • Increase speed and stride length to outpace opponents
  • Improve conditioning and stamina to outlast the competition
  • Comes with 1 latex power tube and adjustable padded cuffs for a comfortable fit
  • Comes with 10 different drill cards for training and practicing
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Webbing for Strength & Durability
  • Adjustable Padded Cuffs for a Comfortable Fit

List Price : $ 13.01

Price : $ 13.01

Check for updated price here

If you have been paying attention to any current events lately you will have noticed the importance of alternative energy solutions such as solar power. Solar power, like many of the alternate energy sources has its advantages and disadvantages.

For one, solar panels can be costly and tricky to install, but with DIY solar power you can install them yourself at a fraction of the cost. Just make sure that you live in an area that gets adequate sunlight, or you may be living in the dark.

This is not complicated as long as you are technologically proficient. If you are, you can easily install the solar cells and other equipment yourself. There are many companies who sell DIY solar energy kits.

They cost around seven hundred dollars or less and they are the perfect way to get you set up with solar power so that you never have to pay the electricity company again. Just keep in mind that solar power is only cost effective as a long-term plan. Paying to have it set up or setting it up yourself with solar energy is very costly if you move out of the house six months later.

Finding A Supplier of DIY Solar Energy

Finding a solar energy company who has all the equipment you need shouldn’t be too difficult. There are many available. Simply look in your local yellow pages or do an internet search.

Even if you have to have the items shipped, it’s worth it if you can save a little bit of money. The instructions for how to set up the DIY solar energy equipment will be included and many of them have money back guarantees.

Think of it. All you have to do is pay your fee once for all the DIY solar power equipment and then you’ll have free, unending energy that comes directly from the sun. You’ll end up saving loads of money in the long run.

Before you decide on a company for all your solar energy equipment, make sure they have a provision where you can order replacement parts in case any of your solar cells or converters becomes damaged. The parts that come with a DIY solar power kit are intended to last a long time, but as in anything else, life can come at you fast. So make sure there is some kind of warranty or system available that will enable you to use your solar equipment for as long as you own your home.

If you need help installing your DIY solar power equipment and don’t want to pay any labor costs, search the internet for how-to articles on how to install it yourself. Then, you can finally say goodbye to the energy company once and for all.

Converting to alternate energy sources, such as solar power is a way to do your part to help reduce our need for electricity. Not only is it good for the environment, but switching to solar power will also save you money in the long run.

If you are going to live in your house for longer than the next eight months you can get the full benefits of going DIY solar. Just don’t install DIY solar power where the sun doesn’t shine.

Madison Greene is like anyone else. She is interested in saving the planet and finding alternatives for depleting natural resources. She has done diligent research and found a book that teaches you how you can safely make your own alternative fuel at home for less than one dollar a gallon. To learn how you can save money and the planet visit:

DeWalt 40V Max Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) Unboxing!

Hey gang, here is a quick introduction to the 40V Max DeWALT Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) line up, check it out!

Big shout out and Thank You to DeWALT for sending this whole system to us for review. Thank you to all of you guys watching as well who allowed us to get on the radar, to have us be your trusted review channel for lawn care equipment. I truly appreciate your guy’s support!

You can find all of these items on
Look under the Outdoor Power Equipment section.

We will be doing a bunch more videos on this line up come spring, when we can put it to the test in the field. So make sure you subscribe to be one of the first to see the review videos!

Curious, are there any DeWALT battery powered equipment items you are considering adding into your lineup, for 2017? If so, comment down below, and share us your thoughts!

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