Martin Creation Station Art-Hobby Table and Chair Set, White with Tiltable White Top, 24-Inch by 40-Inch Size Surface

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Martin Creation Station Art-Hobby Table and Chair Set, White with Tiltable White Top, 24-Inch by 40-Inch Size Surface

The best utility table made for the crafter, hobbyist, architect or artist. All at an affordable price, the Weber Creation Station combines height and tilt adjustment, strength, stability, and convenience for the one and only workstation designed to meet. Includes 4 casters for easy mobility; two lockable. Pencil edge included. Assembly required.
  • Includes adjustable drafting height chair
  • Adjustable height 31 to 34-Inch and top tilts
  • 6 drawers storage 7 by 7 by 10-Inch deep
  • Levelers to maximize stabilization
  • Melamine surface

List Price : $ 242.13

Price : $ 229.82

Check for updated price here

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