Hot Shot 20177 No-Mess! Fogger, 3-Count

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Hot Shot 20177 No-Mess! Fogger, 3-Count

Hot Shot No-Mess. Fogger , 3 count , 21077
  • Kills on contact to kill fast and controls heavy infestations
  • No need to turn off pilot lights
  • Deep-reaching formula is designed to reach hidden roaches, fleas, ants, spiders, water-bugs, crickets and other insects
  • Dry-fog formula resists staining, leaves minimal mess and helps neutralize odors
  • (3) 1.2-ounce foggers. One can treats up to 2,000 cu. Ft.

List Price : $ 9.97

Price : $ 5.86

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Flies, cockroaches, rats, spiders, termites, bed bugs – these are just some of the pests that you can encounter in your home or office most often, and they can wreak havoc on your properties. Worse, they may bring about disease-causing bacteria and viruses that may jeopardize the safety and health of your family members, employees, partners, or customers. This is why it is crucial to deal with pest manifestations immediately and appropriately.

To kill mosquitoes, flies, fleas and other annoying pests outdoor, cold or thermal fogger and sprayers can be used. The nozzles of these sprayers are liable to wear and must be replaced before unnecessary wear happens or they will fail to deliver precise sum and pattern of spray. The rate at which a nozzle wears depends on a few factors such as the nozzle design, the material used to develop the nozzle, and the formulation of the material sprayed.

Characteristics of nozzle materials

Brass: It is inexpensive, however wears rapidly from abrasion and is good for restricted utilization.

Stainless steel: Relatively expensive, it is abrasion and corrosion resistant.

Plastic: This is usually not recommended for high pressure spray applications. They are inexpensive, corrosion resistant, and swell when disclosed to solvents.

Tungsten carbide and ceramic: They are prescribed for high weight applications. Expensive, abrasion and corrosion resistant, they provide service for long.

Selection, use and maintenance of nozzles:

Select nozzles with exact droplet size, spray pattern, and volume of flow.
Always operate nozzle at the prescribed pressure.
Mount the nozzles safely so that their area, with respect to the target, is kept up continually and appropriately.
Never utilize a pocket knife or other metal object to clean a nozzle.
Don’t blow through a nozzle by mouth, particularly if it has been utilized for pesticide applications.
Maintain nozzles in peak condition by periodic inspections, adjustments, and cleaning.

Before you can successfully control the onset of pests in your home or office, you need to make sure that you are using the right pest control machine for the same. And a thermal fogger is the quickest and the best pest control machine to eliminate unwanted pests in your property.

LongrayFog offers a wide range of truck mounted and ULV cold foggers, truck mounted thermal fogging machine, vehicle disinfection channel, etc. These portable fogging machines can get carried by single person as a knapsack fogger or thermal sprayer. They are popular worldwide for various pest control and plant protection application in the public health and agricultural sector.

How To Use Hot Shot No Mess Fogger | Bug Bomb

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