Fiskars Softouch Weeder (7060)

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Fiskars Softouch Weeder (7060)

Fiskars ultra-durable Weeder makes it easy to remove weeds and their roots. A large, soft grip reduces hand and wrist fatigue while you weed, and a cast-aluminum head resists rust and won’t snap off while you’re weeding, no matter how tough your soil is. Additionally, the handle includes a hang hole for convenient storage.
  • Ideal for removing dandelions, thistles and other invasive weeds
  • Extra-large, ergonomically designed handle with Softgrip improves control while reducing hand and wrist fatigue
  • Curved head with forked tines provides plenty of leverage to easily pull the entire root free
  • Cast-aluminum head resists rust for lasting value
  • Lifetime warranty

List Price : $ 8.20

Price : $ 6.40

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Landscaping is a fun and rewarding way to add beauty and functionality to your home. Fortunately, the days of horse-drawn plows are over, and the landscaping tools of today are handier and simpler to use. In fact, the right tools can make many of your landscaping chores much quicker and easier to accomplish. If you are new to the world of yard work, you might have already taken a drive to the local garden center to stock your garage with landscaping tools.

You might have left that same garden center empty-handed and confused about what the necessary tools are. In the quest for customer service and convenience there are tools that claim to assist with nearly every outdoor job – from planting to weeding, and tilling to harvesting. The variety of landscaping tools is great – if you know what you are looking for! Fortunately, you can begin your outdoor endeavors with a few basic tools and simply add to your collection as you find a need.

Working The Soil

The landscaping tools you use to prepare your soil for planting are some of the first tools you need to add to your collection. A shovel and rake will come in handy for breaking up soil, and a trowel and hand cultivator can be used for digging and planting. A hoe is useful for creating trenches in your garden and assists with the never-ending chore of weeding your beds.

A hand weeder is also good to have on hand for those smaller weeding projects between flowers and rows of vegetables. A garden fork will break up and aerate soil, but it is also effective in separating perennials and working fertilizer into your garden beds.

Tending The Lawn

The obvious landscaping tool of choice here is a lawn mower. But which do you choose? A traditional push mower is sufficient for a lawn of average size. If you live on an oversized lot however, you may want to look into the many varieties of riding mowers on the market. Some will even come with a cup holder for your convenience and comfort!

A spreader for fertilizer is another essential landscaping tool. Again, the size of your lawn will determine the style of spreader that will be best for you. Other landscaping tools that are useful for lawn care are a trimmer or edger to give your lawn a neatly finished look, and a hand aerator to give less healthy areas of your lawn a nutrient boost.

Once you begin your collection of landscaping tools, you will probably be amazed at how quickly your collection grows! After all, the right tool makes any job easier and that includes your tools for your landscaping projects.

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2) Power Sprayer (High Pressure)
3) Hand Sprayer
4) Trolly Sprayer
5) Portable Power Sprayer
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8) Earth Auger
9) Power Weeder (2HP-Petrol)
10) Mini Tiller (6HP-Petrol)
11) Diesel Tiller (6.5HP-Diesel)
12) Multi Purpose Power weeder(6.5HP-Diesel)
13) Brush Weed Cutter
14) Chainsaw
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25) Milking Machine
26) Reaper


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