PHILIP B Hairbrush Cleaner

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PHILIP B Hairbrush Cleaner

Hairbrush cleaner, specially designed mini rake gently clears bristles of hair, dust and product buildup. So your hairbrush will last longer, and remain as fresh and effective as the first time you used it.
  • Meet the little tool that makes a fine hairbrush and your hair; Perform at its best
  • Made with stainless steel prongs and an oak handle sourced from non endangered forests
  • Works on all hairbrush types, paving the way for a cleaner, healthier and shinier hair

List Price : $ 15.00

Price : $ 20.00

Check for updated price here

Woodworking is a fun hobby that you too can picked up and do right in your own home, so if you find yourself with a lot of spare time at home this weekend, why not pick it up and it might generate you some extra cash too!

Just as it is important to pick the right material for the right project, the tools involved in your woodworking should also reflect the type of project you are trying to accomplish. Picking the right tools for the right job can save you time and the frustration that goes with having the wrong tools.

There are different type of woodworking tools, some are meant for cutting, some for carving, some are also meant for very specific function, understanding what each and every tool can or can not do is the first step and the basis of woodworking.

One easy way to identify the needed tools is to simply head on to your local store and find out from those who are already actively using them. As mentioned, different projects requires different form of tools, if you have a particular plan or project in mind, ask the professionals there to determine what are needed before you proceed to buy them.

Another way of identifying the right tools is to attend classes in woodworking, or an introductory course to the various tools. This way you can find out just exactly what they are meant for and how to use them safely and effectively.

There are enough example and cases where you often buy tools that are not needed in the project and thus wasting a lot of money in the process of finding the right tools. Attending classes and taking the time to find out will save you exactly just that.

There are various type of projects that you can do from your home, ranging from small home furniture to even large outdoor sheds. The bottom line is to find the right tools for the job as it can save you valuable time and money, not to mention that if you have a smaller workshop, there are simply not enough space to buy and store every piece of equipments out there in the market!

Lastly, do not forget about the safety element when engaging in different tools, always makes your own safety a top priority when you’re working on your project, however big or small. Because one wrong tool is all you need for a disaster to happen.

Learn more about kids patio furniture . Stop by Sverre Philips’s site where you can find out all about kids outdoor furniture and how to get one for your child.

My filmmaking KIT:
This is a review, test and unboxing of the Philips Hairclipper Series 5000 that i have purcheased for my hair clipping and trimming needs.

-DualCut technology for a faster, sharper cut
-24 length settings
-1 beard comb
-75 mins cordless use/8 hr charge
-Stainless steel blades

Spec and price: US: UK:

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Music: Konac – Home [NCS Release]

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