Goplus Heavy Duty Rolling Garden Lawn Aerator Roller Push Spike Aerator Home Grass Steel Handle

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Goplus 18-Inch Rolling Lawn Aerator Garden Yard Rotary Push Tine Spike Soil Aeration Heavy Duty

Our heavy duty green rolling garden lawn aerator roller will be loved by the gardening people. The easy-rolling lawn aerator lets air, water and nutrients reach grass roots for a more neat and beautiful lawn. Sturdy wheels roll easily over any turf, and its metal spikes aerate the lawn deeply and completely breathes new life into your lawn without harmful and expensive chemicals complete with 3 piece tubular steel handle. Do not hesitate to buy one!


A fast and efficient too
  • 【Easy to use】Goplus lawn aerator makes it extremely easy to aerate soil yourselves for a way greener, healthier and more beautiful lawn. Simply rolling the aerator and loosen the soil.
  • 【18-Inch Rolling Length】Size of this aerator is 18"x9"x50"(L×W×H), diameter of roller is 6". Reasonable width and height to make the work finish with high efficiency and less effort.
  • 【Durable Steel Material】Our aerator is made of durable steel, smooth and stable. Rolling parts in both sides are made of plastic, flexible and decrease the whole weight when working.
  • 【Deep Watering for Lawns】Ideal for use with looser soils higher in sand concentrations, allowing deep watering for lawns.
  • 【Easy to Install】Assembly is needed but easy, only need to assemble several hardwares. Hardwares are included.

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Price : $ 29.99

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You probably haven’t thought about it much but their are 5 or 6 different ways to aerate your lawn. Each method produces different results and for a different cost. This review is written to help you compare the different types of aerators you can use and determine which is the best for you.

There are essentially 6 different type of aerators to choose including hand core aerators, spike aerators, pull or tow behind aerators, liquid aerators, mechanical aerators, and shoe aerators. Learn which is the best for your situation and whether is is better to buy or rent. This article assesses the full range of benefits of each to help you know which is best.

Aerating Shoes, (price 10 to 40 dollars) Effectiveness 2 of 5 (out of 5 stars) Durability 1 0f 5 Price Affordability 5 of 5 Ease of Use 4 of 5 Lawn Aerator Shoes receive an overall ranking of a 3. It is a good idea, but the cheaper models tend to break easily. The overall effectiveness if very debatable because the holes are very narrow so they don’t last more than 2 to 3 weeks. However, they are very easy to use. Just strap them on when ever you mow and go.

Lawn Aeration Liquid, (price $ 25 to $ 50) Effectiveness 2.5 of 5 (out of 5 stars) Durability 3 0f 5 Price Affordability 3 of 5 Ease of Use 4 of 5 Lawn aerating liquid gets an overall ranking of a 3. It is a good idea. It is also one of the easiest way to aerate your lawn. It works well if it is put down at the right time or in conjunction with other types of aeration. The best time is before the ground gets to hard. Also lawns tend to require a few applications before a sustainable difference can be achieved.

Hand Aeration Tools, ($ 10 to $ 50) Effectiveness 4 of 5 (out of 5 stars) Durability 3 of 5 Price/Affordability 4 of 5 Ease of Use 1 of 5 Hand aerating tools work best on small lawns under 1000 ft or in areas of the lawn that seem problematic, such as hills or parking strips. The best type of hand lawn aerators have two coring tines. Spike hand aerators are a lot less effective. It also gets gets an overall ranking of a 3. Unfortunately, if you have a large lawn, it is one of the most difficult ways to aerate your lawn. It is best to use before lawn gets to hard.

Machine Core Aeration, ($ 40 to $ 110) Effectiveness 5 of 5 (out of 5 stars) Durability 4 of 5 Price/Affordability 3 of 5 Ease of Use 3 of 5 The cores from a mechanical aerator are deep and long lasting. The overall mechanical aerator rating is 4. Lawns of average size take about 1/2 and hour to aerate. The best types of core aerators are machine driven. You can also add extra weight to increase penetration depth. e best time to aerate is at the end of the Spring or in the fall before the lawn gets to hard. The biggest downside to mechanical aeration is that renting is a pain and hiring someone else to do it is expensive.

Find lawn aerating tool, including hand aerators, liquid aerator, tow behind aerators, aerator rentals and more by visiting our Lawn Aerator website.

Learn when to aerate a lawn or visit us at or for lawn advice. Also how to aerate a lawn, when to aerate lawn and why you should aerate. This video gives you different tips and tricks when aerating lawn. It also talks about why you should aerate and the benefits of aeration for you lawn and what is the best type of lawn aerator.

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