Planters’ Choice Bonsai Tool Kit – Includes: Tweezers, Bamboo Rake, Bamboo Brush, and Pruning Shears (Trimmer / Scissor)

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Planters' Choice Bonsai Tool Kit - Includes: Tweezers, Bamboo Rake, Bamboo Brush, and Pruning Shears (Trimmer / Scissor) | Bonsai Tools Accessories

The complete bonsai tool kit from Planters' Choice.
  • 🌱 EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO CARE FOR YOUR BONSAI, IN ONE BEAUTIFUL VIAL: 1 PRUNING SHEAR (trimmer, scissor) to easily cut twigs, smaller branches, leaves or roots. 1 pair of TWEEZERS to remove dead leaves, insects, weeds and other fine debris. 1 BAMBOO BRUSH to enhance your bonsai tree, and 1 BAMBOO RAKE to plane or rake the surface of the soil when repotting.
  • 🌱 PREMIUM QUALITY: Everything is made with only the finest steel and bamboo, as you would expect from the Planters' Choice brand. And it comes BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGED in a small kraft box so that it makes a great gift for your friend or family.
  • 🌱 The TRIMMER is made from quality steel, has a double-reinforced spring handle and its blades are sharp and oiled ready to cut any hard surface. The TWEEZERS are made from quality stainless steel, is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand, and comes with a plastic tip protector.
  • 🌱 The BAMBOO RAKE is made from quality bamboo, and the gaps of its prongs can easily be adjusted. The BAMBOO BRUSH is also made from quality bamboo, with just the right amount of toughness.
  • 🌱 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Love it, or your money back! We have extended all our effort in this kit to make it the best in class, and we are positive that you will love it. Nevertheless, if you are not satisfied with the kit then we'll refund you 100% of the money.

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When it comes to cultivation of bonsai trees, there are few essential bonsai tools that you need and only the right ones will assist in grooming a healthy bonsai plant. The choices for bonsai tools are varied and many but once you are informed of the relevant ones to use, selecting the proper tools will be a cinch.

There are a few basic bonsai tools that you need and a pair of scissors is necessary but remember that the scissors used for cutting bonsai branches and roots is different from ordinary one. The pair of scissors is designed carefully to suit the use on bonsai and will not cause damages to the plant even when you are pruning and cutting the branches.

Next on the line is the branch cutter that will be very useful in cutting off small branches. The branch cutter will come in useful when you are developing the bonsai plant from shrubs or an older bonsai plant when the pair of scissors will not suffice.

Other essential bonsai tools in the grooming of healthy and beautiful bonsais are the concave pruner. This sort of tool will result in shearing of branches to heal in double quick time than just an ordinary garden scissors. To aid precision cutting, concave pruner is a relevant bonsai tool.

In the event that you need to trim small branches, buds and leaves, bud scissors is very useful as their blades are small enough to control it and assist in trimming closely. For bonsai wire cutters, the difference between them and those normal one are that it is smaller with pointed edges to shear the branches with precision. The design is done in such a way that the nip of the wire cutters will not remove the branches that are wired as they so small that you can easily trim them.

There are also the root hook and the knob cutter with the knob cutter being use to get rid of outwardly projected stubs or wood in order to shape the trunk the way you like it. Besides that, you can form the root and the roughest parts of the trunk to whatever shapes that you can envision. Root hook is especially useful to untangle roots when repotting. In addition to, the root cutter and saw form an essential part of the bonsai tools kit as they will make the pruning of the roots more easily as well as forming of the bonsai plants.

As bonsai tools will ease the process of cultivating a healthy plant, it is vital that you take care of your bonsai tools so as to prolong their life as well as saving you lots of headaches. When bonsai tools rusted and blunt, you will expend more effort in pruning and shaping the bonsai plant and the end result will not be as good. Therefore proper care is essential so as not to have to replace tools frequently.

Bonsai tools are a necessity in the cultivation of healthy and beautiful bonsai and with lesser effort. Do not scrimp when it comes to choosing the basic bonsai tools that will enable more accurate and precise cutting and shaping of the bonsai trees.

Cindy Heller is a professional writer. To learn more about growing bonsai trees, please visit Bonsai Trees Beginner.

Bonsai tools

This movie explains the most important Bonsai tools. For more, see:

Proper equipment is very important for the training and care of bonsai trees. You must be able to execute accurate cuts on the trees, with a special profile and clean, even edges. For beginners it is advisable to acquire a few basic tools at first, like a quality Bonsai concave cutter and a standard twig shear.
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