Harney & Sons – 40 Count Assorted Tea Bag Sampler – with By The Cup Honey Stix

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Harney & Sons - 40 Count Assorted Tea Bag Sampler - with By The Cup Honey Stix

Perfect for office or hostess gifts or for the home, the office, gifts or just to try and find your favorite flavors. What ever you use them for they'll be sure to please.

Our By The Cup tea bag sampler is filled with an assortment of 15 different flavor tea bags:

2 bags of the following flavors:

Decaf Black

Decaf Earl Grey

Organic Citron Green

Organic Green w/Citrus & Ginko

Organic Peppermint

3 bags of the following flavors:

  • Harney & Sons Tea sampler
  • 40 Tea Bags - 15 different flavor variety - with 10 By The Cup Honey Stix
  • 2 bags of the following: Decaf Black, Decaf Earl Grey, Organic Citron Green, Organic Green w/Citrus & Ginko, Organic Peppermint
  • 3 bags of the following: English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Hot Cinnamon Spice, Paris, Chamomile, Ceylon & India Orange Pekoe, Jasmine or Tropical Green, Lemon Herbal, Raspberry Herbal, Japanese Sencha
  • Our sampler pack is perfect for businesses, home, the office, hostess gifts or just to try and find your favorite flavors
  • List Price : $ 16.99

    Price : $ 14.99

    Check for updated price here

    In the previous era, there was only possible to enjoy one taste of tea or coffee but with the arrival of reusable tea filters, it has become easier for tea aficionados to begin tasting different flavors of tea because they always utilize an amazing tea making system.

    One of the best parts of these biodegradable teas filter bags is that they are environment friendly and facilitate enthusiasts to enjoy wonderful taste of many kinds of teas. These filters do not become plastic waste once you start to brew your tea instead, the only waste is that you need to discard biodegradable tea grounds that can be trashed safely or actually can be used as fertilizer in the garden.

    So, if you are a person who is much concerned about the environment, then these paper tea filters can be the best choice. You will certainly decrease load on your landfills by minimizing the amount of non reusable filters and plastic type wastes. Also, these tea filters are long lasting and are provided with maximum durability. You can easily wash them after preparing a cup of tea. In this way, you do not have to keep purchasing tea filters. Any initiative that helps to save a few bucks is no doubt very overwhelming, especially when you are living in such a hard economic era.

    Another advantage of these versatile chlorine free tea filter bags is that you can easily brew your favorite flavor with your own creativity that can limit the types of tea which you can make with these reusable tea filters. There are a number of companies who have given tea fans the liberty to use their brands so that they can feel the difference and evaluate why their tea is better than others. With this provision, you can prepare teas of whatever strength you need and how you want your tea to look like. These paper tea filters are used with tea leaves in order to have delightful cups of black, white or green tea.

    These chlorine free tea filter bags are very flexible and eco friendly as well as they can be reused and offer great durability. You will not find biodegradable tea grounds, which are required to be disposed of, in these paper tea filters as they are prepared in highly hygienic and quality environment. While using these filters, you can say good riddance to all messy filter bags- since they can be washed after their use. You only need to rinse them with water and place in a clean area to dry. Once they are dried, store them in a separate place and use whenever you need.

    In the last, apart from what flavor you have chosen, these biodegradable tea filter bags will give fancy to enjoy your tea. These tea filters will give complete control when you attempt to start the tea making procedure. But if you have not yet used these filters, then get one today and start experiencing all the tea magic with their use.

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