Tribesigns Modern Computer Desk, 47″ Office Desk Sturdy Computer Table Writing Desk for Home Office, Teak

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Tribesigns Modern Computer Desk, 47" Office Desk Sturdy Computer Table Writing Desk for Home Office, Teak

Tribesigns Modern Simple Computer Desk, Office Desk, Study Table - Stylish, Sturdy & Easy Assembly

With its open-concept design and clean aesthetic, this contemporary computer desk from Tribesigns makes a perfect addition to any office or work space.
The metal frame and track-style legs ensure robust stability, stury enough to support an all-in-one computer, while the scratch- resistant laminate finish protects the desk's surface from daily wear and tear.

  • [MODERN SIMPLE TRIBESIGNS DESK COMPUTER TABLE OFFICE DESKS ]- with metal legs and adjustable leg pads, made the desks keep stable even on uneven floor ★★★[ Instructions has already updated in details,if you still receive the old version would you please spare a little time to visit our Official Website to download the latest version our contact our after sale service,thanks]
  • [WIDEN DESKTOP & SPACIOUS LEG ROOM ]- 23.6" wide, provide ample space for computer, monitor, printer , writing, study and other home office activities, the underneath leg distance is 42.9" you can make the best of it in a dorm room, Great for allowing tall people plenty of leg room
  • [SUPER STURDY ] - desktop made of 0.98" thicker laminated MDF, waterproof and ant scratch, very easy to clean, computer frame is made of heavy duty powder coated steel which ensures stability and durability, 1.57" by 1.57" width strong enough to support heavy duty parcels
  • [Easy TO ASSEMBLE ] - just need to install the 4 legs and 2 leg bars with hex key (less than 15 minutes),which will save your valuable time (tips: make sure when you're putting the legs together the whole matches on top they have to be facing each other)
  • [LARGE SIZE ] - 47.2"(L) x 23.6"(W) x 29.2"(H) /52.9 lbs weight & 900 lbs capacity, We provide 18 months quality assurance only to OEM "Tribesigns" Product , We provide 18 months quality assurance only to OEM "Tribesigns" Product

List Price : $ 239.99

Price : $ 109.99

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From the earliest days of the scribe to the modern writers of today the evolution of the writing desk has been a movement to meet the needs of the writing market. From its very humble origins as a scribe’s box to the models that fill offices today key design elements can be traced back to eras like Victorian Great Britain and later periods in the United States. Our contemporary desks pay homage to their earlier ancestors.

The first writing desks were portable boxes with slope hinged lids that contained everything a scribe needed for his craft, though they weren’t recognizable as desks. On location these boxes were placed on a raised table or platform for the scribe to write on. Interestingly the first mention of the word desk wasn’t found until about 1450.

The modern desk began to take shape with the introduction of the clerk’s desk, circa 1660. The basic model of the clerk’s desk was a scribe’s desk setup on a raised stand, first temporary and later permanent. The next design modification followed shortly by adding drawers to the clerk’s desk. This was the basic design of the bureau. Late 17th Century France eliminated the sloped lid replacing it instead with a roll-down lid of wooden slots glued to cloth, thus revealing a flat writing surface.

Near 1700 came the next phase in the evolution of the writing desk known as the knee-hole writing desk. This desk design usually contained a cupboard at the back of the knee hole allowing the writer to maintain a more comfortable posture and freedom of movement while providing more storage for writing supplies and personal affects. In addition to this function modification desks began to see more ornamentation during this time period.

During the Regency period of England a cabinet maker by the name of Chippendale introduced the Serpentine Fronted Knee-hole Desk as the new design standard. Several later designs can be traced back to his model. As more writing desks came into production cabinet makers in several countries modified the imported designs to create their own distinctive styles. In the United States the two most notable designs were the Shaker design and the Arts and Crafts design, featuring a back-to-basics commonality focusing more on function than ornamental form.

In today’s market it can be hard to tell a writing desk from a computer desk or other type of office furniture simply because while these terms used to be very different, the modern multi-task demands of most office works have helped to assure that virtually all desks have to be all three. Writing desks have survived and thrived by adapting to the needs of workers, and that continued ability to change and function will help insure that the writing desk has a bright future ahead of it, as well.

To learn more about white office writing desks, please feel free to visit this blog all about office writing desks. Thanks for reading!

Sheraton Writing Desk - Making The Top

This is a short video of how I get the top ready. I cut it to width and length, then route a decorative edge on it.
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