Southern Enterprises Janice 2-Drawer Writing Desk Agate Green

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Southern Enterprises Janice 2-Drawer Writing Desk in Agate Green

Colorfully accent your home office with this country chic writing desk. Slim design features two deep drawers for convenient storage of office supplies and miscellaneous items. Carved spindle leg details add balance to the fresh agate green finish, creating a charming desk that blends traditional style with cottage appeal. Finished on all four sides, so it looks great center stage. Features: Finish: Agate Green Material: Solid Wood, Manufactured Wood Traditional Style Slim design offers 2 drawer
  • Finish: Agate Green
  • Material: Solid Wood, Manufactured Wood
  • Traditional Style
  • Slim design offers 2 drawers for convenient storage
  • Durable hardwood

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Price : $ 152.97

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A writing desk is a worthwhile investment. If you’re like many individuals, you will be spending lots of time in front of a table, so you should purchase a writing desk that meets your needs. It’s hard to be stimulated or motivated if you are sitting at an unattractive or uncomfortable desk, therefore you should be sure you select the suitable one. Still, there are many different kinds of writing desks offered according to your spending budget, space, and taste. Here are some tips to help you choose the table that’s right for you.

Your writing desk must fit in with the other pieces of furniture in your writing room. In case your room has a modern style, consider purchasing a desk to suit. On the other hand, if your room is old-fashioned and full of heavy, very old furniture, an older-style desk might be more suitable. Nonetheless, if you’re an individual who likes to mix things up, you might like to pick a desk that clashes with its surrounds. Take a picture of the other furniture in your own room and take it along with you when buying your table. This can help you choose a good match in terms of stain colour and style. A picture can also guide you in selecting a writing table that suits the available space.

Space is certainly a huge consideration when purchasing a writing desk. Some tables are quite little, and look like a bench. Others can be extremely large and heavy, and may even contain shelves, cupboards, and roll-down lids. Be sure that your table will fit into the room you’ve set aside for it. If the space is certainly upstairs, be sure that you will be able to get it up the stairs. If you have stairs, you may want to get a desk that can be easily separated. Space on the table itself is actually another thing to consider. Some tables have thin tops, while some are roomy. Be sure that you have room for your writing tools. A desk top that fits only a small notebook might be acceptable for some, while others will need a desk that can fit in an entire computer setup.

Price is truly another thing to consider when purchasing a writing desk. The price of a writing table can vary considerably depending on the materials and workmanship involved. A cheap desk made from plastic or plywood can be bought inexpensively, while a carved wooden table can set you back hundreds. Nevertheless, tables tend to be sturdy and last for many years. This means that you might be able to pick up a bargain quality table secondhand. Try looking online on sites like eBay, or view results for departed estates and garage sales.

There’s no need to jump in to buying a table right away. Take your time to find a desk that you truly like. If you bear in mind the way that you want to work, and your available space and savings, you have to be capable of finding a writing desk that is perfectly suitable for you.

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In this video I work on building the top of the desk and drawer glides. I finish it off with a bit of final assembly.

If you would like to buy a writing desk like this one you can order it via my website here’s-desk.shtml


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