Coleman Camp Axe

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Coleman Camp Axe

Get the right tool for multiple jobs when you're at the campsite with the Coleman Camp Axe. The sharp edge of the durable drop-forged steel head easily splits wood for a campfire or stove, while the flat edge works wonders for driving tent stakes into hard ground. When it's time to pack up, pulling your tent stakes is easy with the notch cut into the head.Durable and well built, the Coleman Camp Axe is perfect for the campsite, wooded terrain, or the backyard. The axe is equipped with a drop-for
  • Camp axe ideal for camping or backyard
  • Drop-forged carbon-steel axe head
  • Forged steel handle and nonslip grip
  • Keeps you prepared on camping trips

List Price : $ 5.05

Price : $ 4.99

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So I had the idea of building a miniature indoor throwing axe, dont ask me why, it’s just how my mind works.

Obviously we want to spend next to nothing, but build something that isn’t crappy either, and I think this build achieves that. Made from either 1 or 2 nails and an optional piece of wood, these mini axes cost between a or to make, and can be build from start to finish in about 2 hours all in.

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