Artistic 13″ x 19″ Sagamore Executive Designer Conference Table & Lap Desk Pad, Black / White Stitching

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Artistic 13" x 19" Sagamore Executive Designer Conference Table & Lap Desk Pad, Black / White Stitching

Fine grain leather like surface provides an ultra-smooth writing experience. Rigid core materials create a substantial conference table or lap writing pad, convex top and bottom curves and decorative edge white stitching completes the look. Soft fabric back will not harm surface and protects desktop from scratches, stains and spills.
  • A fine grain high quality black leather like surface sets this desk mat apart
  • Sturdy Executive looking desk pad that has a strong feel with rigid core material for increased durability
  • Convex curve shape of pad makes for great use as lap desk or for conference room table seatings
  • Ultra smooth writing surface gives the writer a premier writing experience
  • Sagamore Executive Desk Pad protects desktop from scratches, spills, and stains

List Price : $ 25.57

Price : $ 25.55

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The chair you sit on in the office is more important than the work you do, your boss might not agree but for your physical health, posture, concentration levels and comfort it is a very imperative part of your working day. You might not think a chair can do all this but with scientific tests and breakthroughs we’ve noticed that the correct chair can help a lot, so much so that it has created a new type of science ‘ergonomics’ which the is the study of designing equipment and devices that fit the human body, its movements, and its cognitive abilities all being put together to create an optimal piece of technology to help you as efficiently as possible with the task in question.

These processes have been so successful that they are being transgressed into the designer sector, so not only can you get a totally efficient optimised chair for your work days, you can get a designer one for that extra touch of luxury. It might be a tad showy but having an ergonomic chair these days still is, so why not go the full hog and invest in a designer one?

When I say designer I don’t necessarily mean that a high street brand will be bringing out one of these chairs anytime soon, though I’m sure they’ll find the market one day, but these designers are leading people in anthropometry, biomechanics, design technology, industrial engineering, industrial design, information design, kinesiology, mechanical engineering, physiology and psychology all these combined contain the power of good ergonomic design. The designers are front-runners in what they do and because of its complicated method they know exactly how to add art and beauty to unique design giving them an extra edge of the standard ergonomically designed chairs which can sometimes lose their flare through scientific based design.

Another part of these concepts is the addition of adding a swivel function, so not only can you get static ones, you can now get ones with even more movement. This little addition is allowing the accessibility of the product to become a part of any department within an office environment.

Prices range from around 150 pounds to 4000 pounds which might seem like a massive margin but that just shows the difference in time of creation and how particular they are for their purpose. Also you are paying for life long comfort, posture correction, and better state of mind and with nearly 99 percent offering 5-10 even lifetime guaranties it’s hard not to see how great of an investment these chairs are.

The other side to these designer chairs is that they are transgressable into the home environment, swivel and static, and some have been designed for the exact utilisation for the home surroundings. So if you are thinking of getting a new chair for your house or home office and looking for a mix of comfort and science know how hopefully you’ll remember what to think of next time.

Ergonomic designer chairs are a great investment, just wish I could get my hands on one!

Edward Phelan writes on a number of subjects including
designer office chairs and designer swivel chairs.

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