Drill Till, 3 Tools in 1, The Smartest Gardening Tool Kit for Weeding,Tilling and Bulb Planting|Includes Hole Digger, Weeder, Tiller & 2 Extension Rods|for Use with Cordless Drill/Screwdriver

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Drill Till, 3 Tools in 1, The Smartest Gardening Tool Kit for Weeding,Tilling and Bulb Planting|Includes Hole Digger, Weeder, Tiller & 2 Extension Rods|for Use with Cordless Drill/Screwdriver

Rediscover the Joy of Gardening with Drill Till - The Smartest Gardening Tool for Every Task! Do you love gardening but you are tired of injuring your back and knees? Would you like to be able to enjoy your favorite hobby with an all-in-one gardening tool for every task? Then look no further than the Drill Till! Say Goodbye to Painful Knees and Backaches! Designed to make gardening easy, this efficient gadget will let you dig holes, remove weeds down to the root, aerate your soil or compost and
  • REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR GARDENING EXPERIENCE: Whether for tilling, weeding, planting or digging, this smart home gardening tool kit is here to make your life easier! Designed for use with a cordless drill, this all-in-one gardening tool allows you to dig holes, plant seeds, remove weeds and roots, till your flower bed or aerate your soil, fast and effortlessly! And the best part? You no longer have to use harmful chemicals!
  • PROTECT YOUR BACK AND KNEES: Keep your garden looking neat all year round, without risking painful knee or back injuries. Thanks to its convenient extension rods, the Drill Till allows you to plant vegetable bulbs, flats and annuals while standing, thus making gardening a truly enjoyable and pain-free experience. Ideal for seniors or any man and woman suffering from arthritis.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Extremely durable, yet lightweight, the Drill Till gardening tool is equipped with a 36 inch shaft and a patented stabilizer bar that makes sure it stays in place at all times, while it is able to work with most power drills and cordless screwdrivers (at least 12 V). The top materials used and efficient design make this smart gardening tool a must-have for every modern gardener. Made in the USA.
  • COMPLETE KIT WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED: Inside the Drill Till gardening tool you will find everything you need to get started right away: 3 attachments for different tasks, a Tilling head for tilling and aerating, a Hole Digger for effortless seed planting and a Weed Out attachment for removing the entire weeds with their roots. The kit also includes 2 extension rods and all the necessary hardware to get you started.
  • ASSEMBLE IN MINUTES: Drill Till is very easy to assemble and disassemble in only minutes, thanks to our quick-attach bracket and wrench (included). All 3 heads mount the same for quick and hassle-free assembly, every single time.

List Price : $ 39.95

Price : $ 39.95

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A post hole digger is a tool made to help one to quickly put a hole in the ground. They are used by every one from farmers to construction workers. The have come a long way over the years from hand held to ones that you can hook to the back of a tractor. They started out handheld and moved to mechanical. There are different types to choose from these are just a few.

The first that was introduced was the handheld digger. This tool had handles with curved blades on the end that was shaped like a shovel. One could take this tool and make a perfectly round hole by driving the blades in the ground and pulling dirt out. You had to be strong to use one of these. It was very hard to get the blades in the ground. You spend all day using one of these you will know you have worked.

The hand held was great for if you wanted to plant a few trees, or put up a small fence line. But when it came to farmers with large farm that had to put up hundreds of post, the need for something mechanical became apparent. Thus, something had to be invented that would cut holes faster and more efficient.

The hydraulic post hole digger was like a drill that was attached to the shaft of a tractor. One could move the digger to the desired spot, let in down, and dig a perfect whole in the ground. This would make digging wholes a lot easier and faster. You could also get them standing up on three legs with a motor that would spin the blades. As the motor spun the blade you could lower it into the ground.

The hydraulic diggers were being used for every thing. They came with different blades for different uses. If you wanted to plant a tree you would get a small blade. If you want to set a big post you would just get a bigger blade. Depending on the type of job you need to do would determine the type of blade you needed.

Depending on the job that you are doing will determine that price that you will pay for one of these diggers. If you have small holes to make you can get blades for twenty dollars. If you have a large holes to make you can spend thousands on these tools. But it is well worth the cost compared to using a handheld digger all day.

If you need one of these diggers, but do not want to buy one, you can always rent them. There are companies out there that will rent these diggers to you by the day, month, or how ever long you need it. Just a quick search on the Internet or look in the phone book and you can find many places that will rent them. Sometimes this is more cost effective if you are only going to use it once or twice.

Post hole diggers are very helpful tools. When you need a hole dug with precision you can not go wrong using this tool. The time you would spend trying to dig a good hole with a shovel would just about cover the cost. So if you need a hole dug check out a post hole digger. You will be glad you did.

Want to find a quicker and easier process to making holes? Find out how Post Hole Diggers can help complete your job! Using a Post Hole Digger will save you time, money and back ache! Find out how you can use one now!
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