OneSpace 50-100705 Regallo Expandable “L” Computer Desk

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OneSpace 50-100705 Regallo Expandable "L" Computer Desk

Let your desk adapt to your space with the Regallo Expandable desk by OneSpace. While closed, the work surface (41.5 inch W x 23.5 inch D) along with the top shelf (47 inch W x 15.75 inch D) provide plenty of room for a laptop or a desktop computer along with plenty of room for paperwork and anything else needed to tackle life's tasks. Needing to spread out? The work surface easily slides out to extend the table into an 'L' shape. When you're through with your task, simply slide the desk back un
  • Unique space saving design
  • Easily converts to L-Shape
  • Pull-out keyboard shelf
  • Bottom storage shelf
  • Made of MDF, steel and PVC

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Price : $ 105.73

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Corner computer desks are very attractive and useful. Corners in a home are not conducive to the placement of most furniture. However, since computers have become such a necessity in most homes, the corner computer desk has become very popular.

When considering a desk for your computer, and you have made the decision to purchase a corner desk, you must choose the right one to meet your needs. There are many styles to choose from.

It might depend on how much room you have in your corner. Do you have a large area in a room that does not contain any furnishings? You might decide to get one of the larger desks to which you can add modules. If your room is large and you have a lot of empty space, you can fill your corner nicely with one of these. You might start with the main part of the desk, see how it fits in, and then decide how many modules you want to use, adding these when you desire.

The kind of desk that you choose, might depend upon how much of your workspace you would like to show to your guests. If you are the kind of person who can’t stand messiness, you perhaps would like a desk that has doors you can close that will hide the entire unit, making it appear to be just another piece of beautiful furniture.

Sometimes choosing the right computer desk, as well as other furniture, can be a hassle, but take your needs and desires into consideration. If you just have a small corner space, there are desks that can double as writing and computer desks. These are not too large, and contain drawers that you can hide things that you normally use while using the computer.

The tall, hutch type computer desks, may have a drop down lid for your desk space, then have drawers or doors at the top where you can store CDs, office supplies, printer paper, etc. When you are not working at the computer, the outer doors can be closed to make the desk look like an elegant piece of furniture.

When trying to decide just what is the right corner desk for you, go online and search for computer desks.
Check out the many different styles and types. You will be sure to find just the one that will please you.
No longer is the computer desk just a place to put the computer, but it is becoming an important piece of furniture.

The best way to choose the right corner computer desk, is to look at the room, consider desk space, and choose a style that will match your other furnishings.

Martin helps people learn about technology and Internet. You can read more of his work like his article about Corner Computer Desks on his Small Corner Computer Desk website.

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