WEIYI 100-Watt Portable Solar Generator Power Station Power Inverter-Gas-free With Outputs AC 110V (Max 150Wh) 2USB-3.5A ,3DC-12V/15A, Charged by Solar/AC. Built-in Li-on Battery Capacity 40800mAh

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WEIYI 100-Watt Portable Solar Generator Power Station Power Inverter-Gas-free With Outputs AC 110V (Max 150Wh) 2USB-3.5A ,3DC-12V/15A, Charged by Solar/AC. Built-in Li-on Battery Capacity 40800mAh

Warm Tips:
*Here are some RELATED SOLAR PANELS will work with it (All need MC4 to DC35135 adapter cable, please contact us ):
Renogy 100Watts:
Renogy 50Watts:
Suaoki 100W:
*If you need to use car 12V socket to charge the power inverter, please START your engine because it will drain your car's battery!

AC Charger: 15v-2A. Fully Charged Time ~7 hours
Car Charger: 12V-2A
Solar Panel:
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: 2pcs 110V AC outlet with modified sine wave(single max 100W,total max 120W) + 3pcs 12V DC ports(total max 180W) + 2pcs USB ports(total 5V 3.1A) + 1pc Emergency Light(2.5W which can last 50 hours), capable of powering your mobiles,laptops,lamps,toast maker,coffee machine,mini fridges,fans while camping or hiking.
  • HIGH BATTERY CAPACITY + SMALL SIZE: 40800mAh(150Wh) Grade A lithium battery supply long time power(if power a 10W lamp,it's can power 151Wh*0.8(power loss)/10W=12hours),easy carry only 1.5Kg net weight(1.9Kg gross weight including all the accessories) with size 175*165*80mm.
  • EASY OPERATION: LED Black-light display for capacity check and change the working mode by press the 4 buttons, it's have a double protection for LED display(we have a removable film on it)
  • RECHARGE: 7 hour quick charge by home wall charger, you also can use the car charger or the solar panel while outdoor use(this product not included the solar panel,you need to buy it seperately)
  • SAFETY GUARANTEED: We use the BMS(battery management system) to improve battery utilization, prevent over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature, prolong battery life; 1 year warranty and lifetime service,any problem or question,please send us a email for assistant

List Price : $ 199.99

Price : $ 99.99

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Nobody wants to live without electricity and even when it goes out for a few minutes, some people become very much frustrated due to the non-functioning of fans and air-conditioners. Rainy seasons and stormy seasons are inevitable and in these seasons, the power companies great discomfort in providing the required electricity to homes in the right manner. In these cases, there are great chances of regional outages that can last for days together as well. When a power cut occurs, most of us find it difficult to concentrate on our work as we are very much dependant on the lights. Here, if you are in Australia, an Australia generator would be the answer to your problem. But, when it comes to the selection of home generators, it should be done with utmost care and some of the tips for the same are given below:

The first thing to be determined is the type of fixtures and appliances that should work in the case of power outage. This is because home generators cannot substitute for full electrical service and they can power only basic electrical appliances in the event of an outage. Of course, there are variants that can provide more power as compared to others.

The next thing to be decided upon when it comes to purchase of power generator is the type of unit to be purchased. Some of the types include battery inverter systems, large units that can operate with natural gas or liquid propane and small portable models with wheels that operating with gasoline as the fuel for operation.

You will have to carefully evaluate the pros and cons of different types of Australia generators. When it comes to gasoline variants, they should be fueled and the same should be properly and safely preserved in your house so that you can use the new fuel in stock as soon as the old fuel in the machine gets over. Storage is highly essential when it comes to gasoline as gas stations will not operate during power cuts.

Next comes your budget and it would be wise to select a model that comes within your budget. Here, you should consider future budget as well for purchase of fuels and investing on these devices cannot be one-time.

If you are planning to purchase a power generator via the internet, of course, you should carefully evaluate the reliability of the portal before actually placing your order for the appropriate unit.

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A generator is a device that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. In this video check how a DC Motor can be converted into a Generator to produce the electrical energy.
This can be used to glow the LED light and also it can be used to charge mobile with small alterations.
It can be one of the best Science projects as well.

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Things used for mini Generator project.

1) 7V DC Motor
2) LED Light
3) Old Marker
4) Sketch pen
5) Old CD
6) Bottle Cap
7) Rubber band
8) Sun board
9) Cello tape ring and
10) Metal Wire

How to make a Electric Generator

Songs used: Dutty, Four on the Dancefloor

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