KOHLER K-8624-0 Silicone and Nylon Dish Scraper, White

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KOHLER Kitchen Pot and Pan Dish Scraper, Silicone and Nylon, Heat Resistant, White and Charcoal

This two-in-one scraper fits nicely in your hand and functions as a versatile dish cleaning tool. Use the hard edge for scraping off baked-on messes; use the soft edge for wiping away residue and cleaning nonstick surfaces.
  • Pot and pan scraper has a nylon and silicone edge for scraping baked-on food.
  • Soft silicone edge is safe for cleaning nonstick pots and pans.
  • Silicone edge is heat-resistant to 400 Degree F
  • Hanging hole for convenient storage
  • Stain-resistant

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Price : $ 3.99

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If Anthony Van Leeuwenhoek were alive today, he would eagerly trade his one-lens microscope for a mighty powerful fluorescent microscope to observe the strange bugs and critters in color. If he was excited about his observations with a ‘crude’ microscope, wouldn’t he be titillated with the modern microscope?

A World of Wonders

To non-scientific minds, a microscope is a microscope and that’s that. It’s just piece of equipment one had to grapple with during elementary and high school. But if they take the time to explore and experience the life forms revealed through the lenses of a fluorescence microscope they will be surely amazed to discover invisible life forms of all stripes and colors, unseen by the bare human eye.

The fluorescence microscope is a perfect microscopic observation tool because it produces a ‘larger-than-life’ image of microorganisms and in color to boot, a thing unheard of in Leuwenhoek’s lifetime. Through the ultra-powerful lenses of this microscope, one can observe different microorganisms – bacteria, viruses, and fungus as they pulsate with life and move in their own curious ways.

Again through the lenses, mesmerizing action like the splitting of human, animal, and plant cells can be observed. Diseased body cells can be probed up close and their behavior noted and compared with healthy cells, which to scientific minds unlock the secrets to finding the cure for dread diseases. Your astonished eyes can see the contours of the tissues and distinguish them because different tissues emit different luminous colors of greens, blues, reds, violets, and oranges.

Secrets of the Microscope Revealed

The fluorescence microscope does not use the common absorption and light reflection techniques to give a good magnified view of the invisible specimens. Here, light is used to excite the specimens causing them to emit light in longer wavelengths. This ability to give off luminous light is known as fluorescence. The more intense the light used, the longer the wave length of the light coming from the specimen. You can compare the image to digitally clear color pictures.

The light technique is the Kohler illumination, an invention all scientists and hobbyists have waited for. The Kohler illumination solved the problem of hazy images of specimens because it gives superior lighting, paving the way for the concise recording of microbiological observations.

However in this world of microscopic technology, nothing is perfect. The microscope has limited resolution limit – this is true with all microscopes. To get a concise image viewing, high powered cameras are necessary to boost the optical function of microscopes. A CCD camera can increase magnification or the size of the specimen for monitor display.

Grasp Nature’s Hidden Secrets

The technical information about the fluorescent microscope will not be appreciated by non-scientific minds; but these minds can only be humbled by the wonderful scenes that unfold beyond the lenses of the microscope. The fascinating patterns of skin tissues and unusual shapes of rock specimens, and semi-conductors are enhanced by splotches of luminous colors that imitate art.

The spectral invisible life forms and the stuff man take for granted such as the microscopic details of his body parts are magnified a ‘thousand-fold’ by the fluorescent microscope. So you thought you have seen it all! Not until you have this microscope. If Leeuwenhoek had a choice, he would grab this microscope.

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