Honesh Outdoor Leisure Double 2 Person Cotton Hammocks 450lbs Ultralight Camping Hammock

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Honesh outdoor Leisure Double 2 Person Cotton Hammock

1. Brand new and high quality. 2. Sturdy suspension rings 3. Durable and dirt-proof design 4. Foldable and portable netted shape 5. A comfortable place to relax. 6.Two person double hammock. 7.Pattern: stripe design 8.Durable cotton material, strong cotton ropes 9. Convenient and quick to set up 10.Beautiful color stripes bringing you a good mood. It is also reported that sleeping in hammock can improve your sleeping by decrease your pressure. Hammock is a kind life style, you can hang it in you
  • Material Cotton
  • Dimensions: 110 inch Long x60 inch Wide, Bed Size: 75inch 60Inch Maximum support weight:450 lbs.(two person),red color
  • Durable and comfortable, lightweight, strong, and easy to assemble
  • The hammock comes complete with a carrying and storage bag for easy travel
  • Material is mildew-resistant, Machine-washable fabric will stay strong and clean for years

List Price : $ 16.59

Price : $ 10.98

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It’s more common to spot a $ 2000 mattress in a bedroom than it is a hammock, but that’s soon to change. The irony is that despite all the advances in mattress technology, no mattress can come close to the comfort, ergonomic support, and quality of sleep that the 500 year old technology of a woven hammock can offer. Here are four great reasons why you should consider sleeping in a hammock:

Rock A Bye..:

Research has shown that the gentle back and forth rocking motion you get while sleeping in a hammock actually alters your brain waves in a very beneficial way. Participants in sleep studies who were given this rocking motion unanimously fell asleep faster, and reached deeper, longer levels of REM sleep, which is vital to not only feeling more rested, but strengthening the immune system, and restoring good health.

Better Breathing. Better Health:

Researchers have also found that the ideal position to sleep in is on your back, with the head and neck inclined between 10-30 degrees; precisely the position you’ll end up in with a hammock. This position opens your air passageways for better breathing and improves circulation as well. The result is more oxygen and increased blood flow to your entire body; which strengthens your immune system as well and helps sore muscles recover. It also helps your brain operate more optimally. That’s right; a hammock bed can make you smarter!

Great for Your Back:

Traditional mattresses try to give proper support to your entire body while reducing strain on pressure points. But since the mattress is flat and your body isn’t, this is nearly impossible to do. A good hammock will conform perfectly to your individual weight and shape; giving equal support to every part of your body. The key is to find the right hammock. Woven Mayan (or Mexican) or Nicaraguan hammocks use an interlocking weave that stretches and conforms to you better than any other hammock. Stay away from spreader bars and solid fabric hammocks, as they cannot stretch and conform properly.

A Cool Breeze Every Night:

Another benefit of using an indoor hammock as a bed: You stay cool. The open weave of the hammock allows for airflow all around; so you stay cool on those hot summer nights. And if you get too cool? No worries; if your hammock has fringes you can use them as a makeshift blanket to cover up. Many Nicaraguan models come with these fringes, and Lazy Bandido offers a great hybrid Mexican hammock that uses very decorative fringes for this same purpose.

What to Look for in a Hammock Bed?

To be clear, there are no certain qualities that make a hammock an “indoor hammock” or “hammock bed.” Any hammock can be used inside or to sleep in. But for maximum comfort and ease-of-use there are some things you should look for.

Size: If you’re going to sleep in it, a hammock should be large. Look for one that will fit 2 adults. This extra size allows you to stretch out more and find the most comfortable position for you.

Weave: Don’t use a solid fabric hammock. It won’t stretch and won’t breathe. The Mayan (Mexican) and Nicaraguan models offer the most comfortable weave.

Spreader Bar? Nope. Opt for the traditional hammock with no spreader bar. They make the hammock tippy and unstable and negate its ability to conform to your shape.

Fringes? Yes, please! If you can, look for a hammock with fringes. Most people think they’re just frilly decorative pieces. But they make for a great blanket on a cool night when you pull them over you.

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