Reliance Controls Corporation PB30 30-Amp NEMA 3R Power Inlet Box for Generators Up to 7,500 Running Watts

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Reliance Controls Corporation PB30 30-Amp NEMA 3R Power Inlet Box for Generators Up to 7,500 Running Watts

The Reliance Controls PB30 NEMA 3R Power Inlet Box is an outdoor/watertight electrical inlet for a 30 Amp L14-30 generator cord. It is designed to be located outdoors where the generator is running to prevent dangerous carbon monoxide fumes from the generator from entering your house. This inlet box is then safely hardwired through an outside wall directly to the transfer switch or panel, eliminating the need for cords running through windows or doors. It is designed to be wired directly to the
  • For indoor or outdoor use with specific transfer switches, manual transfer panels and generator-ready load centers
  • Outdoor, raintight NEMA 3R non-metallic power inlet box provides generous wiring space
  • Maximum generator running watts: 7,500
  • Maximum generator input: 30A @ 125/250 VAC
  • UL listed and comes with a 5-year product warranty

List Price : $ 49.99

Price : $ 49.13

Check for updated price here

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As promised, here’s my “simplified diy free energy generator” video. Select “HD 1080p” to view all the details of this machine in highest quality. My video was shot at: 53.322062,6.206194 (insert in Google Maps), september 1st, 2012. This is the raw video footage (only inserted some titles).I drove 38 miles to this remote location, it’s a nice place to sit, eat and relax and it’s not near any buildings. It’s easy to build yourself, although it took me 3 tries to get this one working. Please give me feedback if you improve it, so I can create a better version. It’s base is a strong neodymium magnet and a self wound coil. The magnet was salvaged from an old harddisk – these are véry strong and easy to find! I tried round earth magnets (18mm Ø and 2mm thick) from eBay but they don’t seem to work. Maybe the shape to create the magnetic field isn’t right? I think it’s not a perpetuum mobile, the power has to come frome an external source.
Maybe zero point? Voltage is stable, even under load, that’s promising!
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