Pyrex Prepware 3-Piece Glass Mixing Bowl Set

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Pyrex Prepware 3-Piece Glass Mixing Bowl Set

The Pyrex 3-pc Mixing Bowl Set is designed to make stirring and mixing quick and easy. The round shapes gives you the space you need for full range stirring and is ideal for all of your cooking and baking needs.
  • Set includes: (1) each 1-quart, 1-1/2-Quart, and 2-1/2-Quart Glass Mixing Bowls
  • Made of nonporous glass that won't warp, stain, or absorb odors
  • Glass is preheated oven, microwave, fridge, freezer & dishwasher safe
  • Pyrex Glass is Made in the USA and comes with a 2 Year Warranty

List Price : $ 43.00

Price : $ 12.49

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It is that time of year again. The season for college football bowls. Are you excited? Is your team in one of the bowls? The first bowl game is December 19 of this year. So there are not that many days left to get your college football fix. This also means that any college team doesn’t have many chances left to jockey for a higher position. If a game is lost it could mean a lower bowl or worse no bowl at all. So all the college teams that are in contention are gunning for spots in bowl games to try and secure their positions.

Why do many people place such a big emphasis on bowl games? Unlike the professional football league there isn’t a super bowl to determine who is the top football team. The NFL doesn’t even have a professional team in every state. There are college teams in every state that are playing football. There is simply no way that every team would be able to compete in the short time frame that the college season has. So what is the remedy? Bowl games are the answer. Some are of a higher level than others but everybody wants their team to get a shot to play. Based upon how the teams performed during the year puts them in a specific bowl. The winner of the bowl then gets a final ranking to determine their place.

The bowl championship series is comprised of the Rose bowl in Pasadena, Sugar bowl in New Orleans, Fiesta bowl in Glendale, Orange bowl in Miami, and the BCS championship game which is being held in Pasadena, California. These five bowls will determine the top ten college football teams. There are other bowls will showcase those teams which aren’t in the top ten. A few of those colleges have already been determined. UCLA will be in the GMAC bowl. Air Force will be in the Armed Forces Bowl. Middle Tennessee will be in the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl. Bowling Green is in the Humanitarian Bowl and Northern Illinois is in the Eaglebank Bowl. For everyone else we will simply have to wait it out to see. Anything can happen so the excitement level is gaining momentum as everyone tries to figure out who is going to be in what bowl.

Right now pundits are predicting Florida vs. Texas for the BCS championship game, Cincinnati vs. Georgia Tech in the Orange bowl, Iowa vs. TCU in the Fiesta bowl, Alabama vs. Boise State in the Sugar bowl, and Ohio State vs. Oregon State for the Rose bowl. Many of the earlier bowl games occur at the same time so you may want to record it. These are sure to be games that you don’t want to miss.

As the college football season comes to a close and the games have all been played it will be time to hibernate for the next year. The only consolation for some is the NFL Super bowl which will be the last football game of the season.

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