Ikea Kalas 501.929.59 BPA-Free Plate, Assorted Colors, 6-Pack

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Ikea Kalas 501.929.59 BPA-Free Plate, Assorted Colors, 6-Pack

Great for parties and everyday meals. Made of durable plastic and safe to use in the dishwasher and microwave.
  • Bpa-Free product
  • The plate has a high edge to make it easier for the child to keep the food on the plate
  • Can be stacked to save space when stored
  • Microwave/Dishwasher-Safe
  • Diameter: 19 cm; Height: 5 cm; Weight: 0.34 kg

List Price : $ 6.40

Price : $ 2.99

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For those of you who wish to give a trendy and dramatic new look to your vehicle, different types of license plate frames are now available on the market; and these license plate frames can really assist you in personalizing your vehicle at its best. A license plate is undoubtedly one of the catchiest, if not the catchiest, part of a vehicle. Whether you are planning to tune up your car dramatically, or merely add a few unique and fashionable features to it, it is really worth thinking of going for an out-of-the-ordinary plate frame. These frame are now available in eye-catching Neon, LED or Chrome varieties. LED license bolt lights are yet another option that you can simply add to your current license plate as an accent lighting feature.

The types of license plate frames that are being discussed here may look brittle, but they are not. New models now available on the market are being made of more and more resistant materials so that they survive rough travel, particularly since they are regular features of tuned cars. They are also waterproof. But apart from their obvious aesthetic property and usage, they also carry the additional advantage of being seen from a distance, even in bad weather. Moreover, whether they are neon plate frames, chrome plate frames or LED ones, they install easily and almost instantly. Equipped with built-in transformers, for the frames with lighting, they can either be plugged into the cigarette lighter or wired permanently to 12-volt system, in which case only 2 wires need to be hooked up.

Neon License Plate Frames

Neon License Plate Frames exist in a variety of colors, more commonly blue, green, and red, but also less typical yet equally attractive hues such as orange, white, purple, yellow, aqua, and orange. These license plate frames are manufactured for four-wheeled vehicles as well as for motorcycles. Some of the plates available on the market are reversible so as to create a halo effect.

LED License Plate Frames

Just like neon plate frames, LED ones are also available both for cars, trucks and motorcycles. LED license plate frames emanate high intensity (some are equipped with adjustable intensity property) glow, which will provide greater visibility to your license plate, making them look brighter and clearer at night. They are manufactured in a variety of different colors as well, and can include features such as a dash-mount controller with different selectable modes (usually up to eight) and adjustable speed patterns (usually up to three).

Interestingly, more innovative models of LED license plate frames are also marketed nowadays, such as the programmable message LED plate, which can either display your own message of up to eighty characters or any of the multiple preprogrammed messages that are usually included, right beneath your license plate.

LED License Bolt Lights

With their simple installation option, LED bolt lights are easily mounted over your own license plate for an enhanced look and visibility. It goes without saying that bolt lights would cost you less than a license plate frame. They would also be the best choice for those who prefer subtlety and who are opting for safety over aesthetics.

Chrome License Plate Frames

Chrome license plate frames would be of interest to those who would prefer to give a ‘hard’ look to their vehicle, and who would go for safety and durability rather than for the aesthetic. Chrome frames are either made of solid rolled sheet brass or of stainless steel which are heavily chrome plated. Rust-proof and weather resistant, these types of license plate frames exist in different styles to give a subtly elegant, yet different look to your license plate. But when equipped with an optional plate cover, they may also serve to protect your registration decals from theft.

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