Drop in 54″ x 30″ Soaking Bathtub

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Drop in 54" x 30" Soaking Bathtub

BT107 Features: -Drain not included. -Drop in installation. -High gloss white. -Inclined backrest. -Material: Solid acrylic reinforced with fiberglass and resin. -Safe for salts and oils. Finish: -White. Material: -Fiberglass. Capacity: -53 Gallons. Bath Therapy Type: -Soaking. Dimensions: Overall Length - End to End: -54". Overall Width - Side to Side: -30". Overall Depth - Top to Bottom: -19". Basin Area Bottom Length - End to End: -35". Basin Area Bottom Width - Side to Side: -17". Basin Area
  • HIGH QUALITY- Fine Fixtures bathtub is made of Acrylic Fiberglass Material, glossy porcelain finish, will never crop or crack, also safe for salts and oils.
  • SPECIFICATIONS- Slip resistant surface, easy to use easy to install.
  • INFORMATION- Drain placement: side. Tub can be installed on either a right hand side or left hand side drain.
  • DIMENSIONS- This specific soaking tub is exclusive sized, 54" L x 30" W x 19" H, great for smaller size bathrooms.

List Price : $ 579.00

Price : $ 579.00

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When it comes to remodeling and updating your bathroom, many people are unaware that their assets can be updated and reused instead of completely replaced. There are many methods that can make an old, worn out bathtub or shower stall look like new. Bathtub reglazing, for example, is one of these methods in which a new glaze finish is bonded to your existing unit restoring it to a like new condition.

When it comes to the process of reglazing your bathtub, it is reassuring to know that it is a method that has been around for quite a while. The concept of bathtub refinishing was developed in the 1950’s. Replacing a bathtub was, and still is burdening, not to mention expensive. This public opinion has not changed much since then. Removing an old unit risks breaking tiles and can damage walls and flooring. In addition, plumbing work is often involved in order attach the new bathtub. With all of this additional work in mind, the expenses can add up. Replacement costs can run a couple thousand, which is why many people turn to bathtub reglazing as an alternative option. Even if someone willing to do the hard work themselves, new bathtubs do not come cheap, and the hassle that comes along with the process can be a major inconvenience.

Reglazing your bathtub can be a fairly easy process. There are various different methods and materials used, but the overall process is usually standard. An acid solution is usually applied to etch the tub, followed by a spray of epoxy primer. An acrylic topcoat finalizes the bathtub reglazing process. Your tub can be reglazed right in your bathroom without disturbing existing plumbing, fixtures, or tiles. The best part is that the whole process usually takes about three to four hours, and that your bathtub will be ready for use in only 24 hours.

When done properly, bathtub reglazing is an excellent and cost effective alternative to bathtub replacement. Hard to clean bath tubs, become easy to clean. Yellowed, stained, or outdated colors disappear revealing a fresh, new, glossy bathtub in the color of your choice. Not only will it look like new, but it will save you thousands of dollars, as well as days of inconvenience saving you money to update other areas of your newly refinished bathroom. Reglazing your bathtub gives your existing bathing facility a complete makeover, and with proper care and maintenance, your newly finished bathtub will continue to look new for many years to come.

The Scoop on Bathtub Reglazing

With such advanced technology today, we have found many ways to reuse what we already have, restoring our items to their original state, or in some cases, making them even better. This is true for bathtub reglazing, and even though the practice has been around since the 1950’s, some people are not even aware that this method of refinishing is available as an option. Since this method has first been used, techniques for achieving the perfect results have greatly improved, extending the life our your current assets for far less than the cost of replacement. If you are considering a bathtub reglaze over replacement, here is a little bit of information about what you can expect.

The tub reglazing process is very convenient as opposed to a total replacement. Typically with a whole new installation, demolition occurs in order to remove your old bathtub. This usually destroys tiles, floors, and walls, and can require plumbing adjustments to be made. This is a very long process, and usually takes a couple of weeks to complete. With this in mind, you have to abandon use of this precious area until the job is done which can be a huge inconvenience. A bathtub reglaze job, however, can usually be completed in a mere 4-6 hours, and within as little as 24 hours, you can be bathing in your newly finished bathtub again.

So how tub reglazing work? Typically, a contractor will thoroughly clean the surface of your bathtub to ensure that any small articles are removed. This helps ensure a flawless, long-lasting finish and prolong the life of your restoration. All of the mounted fixtures and calk is removed, along well as any soap scum, paint, residue, or any other deposits that may be left on the surface. This ensures a clean slate. Etching of the surface is next, which will prepare the surface for the bathtub reglaze spray. Your contractor will continue to thoroughly clean the area to ensure that no articles or debris fall onto this newly cleaned surface. Any surface area repairs will be made at this time completing the prepping process. Your bathtub is then sprayed with several applications, ending with the look, depth, and shine of a brand new porcelain tub.

Choosing bathtub reglaze can assure you a fast, convenient and practical outcome. Not only does it extend the life of your bathtub and its surrounding area, but it can also save you thousands of dollars! The best part is that with tub reglazing, you can choose from various colors for a completely new and customized look, and still have use of your “new” area in as little as 24 hours. Proper care and maintenance of your area will ensure long lasting results, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a new, clean bath area for years to come.

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