Bosch Bare-Tool JSH180B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Jig Saw

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Bosch Bare-Tool JSH180B 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Jig Saw

The Bosch JSH180 lithium-ion 18-Volt jig saw is compact and lightweight. Its T-shank blade change system allows the user to insert the blade just without the need for any tools, and when it's time for a blade change, a turn of knob ejects the blade, so there is no need to touch a hot blade. This jig saw also features an always-on blower and integrated LED light for enhanced visibility in the cutting area. The sophisticated electronics package includes Electronic Motor Protection (EMP), which pro
  • Light weight - up to 30-percent lighter than leading competitor
  • Compact - up to 10-percent smaller than leading competitor
  • One-handed blade insertion and ejection for convenience and ease of use
  • Smallest grip diameter reduces user fatigue during extended-use applications
  • Always-on dust blower helps keep intended cut line visible
  • Best-in-class Weight - Up to 30-percent lighter weight than leading competitor
  • Best-in-class Compact Size - Up to 10-percent smaller than leading competitor
  • 1-Handed Blade Change - 1 handed blade insertion and ejection offers most convenience and ease of use
  • 4-stage orbital action - matches cutting performance with application
  • LED Light - More convenience in low light applications

List Price : $ 149.00

Price : $ 149.00

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I have been selling cordless tools for sometime now, and I have to admit to my customers, I am biased towards Bosch cordless tools. Why? At first it was simply because my Bosch rep took the best care of us (he still does). But read on, there is more to it than that, much more.

Every tool line has it’s problems and the cordless Bosch line is no different. There was a time when we had many problems with the cordless Bosch drills. In addition to having trouble with the gear shift, they had a tendency to break the nose off during a drop situation. Now, the breaking problem is not just something that Bosch had problems with. As the tools got bigger and more powerful, they weighed more and fell harder, we saw that in all the lines. But as for the bad gear shifter, that was just a bad design. What impressed me with this particular situation is that Bosch went well beyond their advertised warranty which not only made me look good, it made them look good and impressed on my customer that they were serious about having top of the line tool.

Well in the age of the lithium drill, Bosch is still making it easy for me to sell their tool line with confidence. They made some serious changes to the cordless Bosch line by beefing up the tool with a better housing and steel reinforcements were necessary. Their Brute Tough line is next to unbreakable! I have only had to replace a couple of drill housings. One was run over by a truck on a cold January day and the other fell off a gas station canopy on a cold Wisconsin work day. Again this kind of durability makes me look good and keeps the customer on the job.

Most of my repairs on the cordless Bosch line, since their introduction of the Brute Tough line, consists of a switch here or there, a bad chuck now and again and some brush sets or broken wire replacement. Today’s cordless Bosch tools really have cut down on my service work, again, making me look good!

Now, add to that inherent reliability, a 3 year warranty. Cordless Bosch tools come with a 3 year warranty. The first year is a replacement warranty. What does that mean? If you are on a job and the motor fries on you Bosch drill. You call Bosch, they send you a new drill with a label for your old drill, you box it up and send it back and you are done! That process usually takes just two days. You just can’t beat that turn around time. The batteries are covered for two years, but the tool itself continues on for a total of three years of parts and labor. After 3 years, most cordless tools are getting a little tired, you only get so many charges out of any battery pack.

Yes the cordless Bosch line with the three year warranty makes me look good (do you see a pattern?). One problem with the warranty is that you must register for the warranty for it to be in affect for three years. This is where the potential for me to look bad rears it’s ugly head. If you don’t register the tool with Bosch, you won’t have the 3 year warranty. It’s funny how many of my customers have heard the “3 year warranty” but not the “if you register with Bosch” part. I have remedied that though, I usually register the tools for my customer. Again it makes me look good, especially if a repair on the tool is needed.

Don’t hesitate on a cordless Bosch tool because you have to register the tool. It really is quite simple. You can do it on line or give Bosch ProVantage a call. It usually take only a couple of minutes to register a tool. Once you have registered one tool, registering more in the future is very easy, just make sure you keep you account info on file. A real advantage of the Bosch ProVantage program is you can actually keep track of your tools on line including your purchase date and any service work that was performed on the tool.

Why do I like selling the cordless Bosch line? I told you, it makes me look good!

Jeffrey Richard has been involved in jobsite sales, service and training of specialty tools and fasteners since 2000. You can find more info on the cordless Bosch line at

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