WORX 18-Inch 15.0 Amp Electric Chainsaw with Auto-Tension, Chain Brake, and Automatic Oiling – WG304.1

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WORX 18-Inch 15.0 Amp Electric Chainsaw with Auto-Tension, Chain Brake, and Automatic Oiling – WG304.1

The 18-Inch 4.0 HP 15.0 Amp chainsaw is a cut above the rest. The WORX exclusive, patented tool-free chain replacement and auto-tensioning system eliminates the headaches faced with most other chain saws. You don't need to be a lumberjack to operate a chainsaw. The auto-tension system includes a single, oversized knob that secures the bar and chain and maintains proper tension during operation-automatically. The WORX auto-tensioning system also works to extend bar and chain life by eliminating a
  • 15.0 Amp motor output delivers a more powerful cutting performance to the extended, 18-inch bar
  • Patented auto-tension chain system prevents over-tightening; stays at the right tension for hundreds of uses
  • Low kickback bar and built-in chain brake for added safety
  • Automatic oil lubrication and built-in oil reservoir with window level indicator
  • Comes fully assembled right out of the box, and includes 3-year manufacturer's warranty

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Price : $ 97.99

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Owning a chainsaw to help cut wood to heat your home or for removal of trees and branches is certainly handy, but it does come with some risks. Chainsaws are powerful and sharp the speed at which they can cut through a 12 inch logs is a testament to just how fast they could injure a person if not used carefully. Unfortunately thousands of accidents happen each year with a chainsaw and many of them are preventable if only the operator heeded the safety warnings and learned how to properly operate the chainsaw. Below are a few tips to keep in mind when operating a chainsaw.

1. Choosing the right size of chainsaw for your job. It can be unsafe to use a chainsaw that is too big or too small for doing the job. For example, a 24 inch bar chainsaw should not be used to cut a 6 inch log. A big chainsaw can pass through the log at an extremely high speed, catch you and this may lead you to slip. In addition to that, using a chainsaw of too much power can also be harmful for the operator. So, if you have to use a chainsaw frequently and you are planning to purchase a chainsaw for yourself, then make sure that you are purchasing the one of the right size and power.

2. Wearing protective clothes. Wearing proper clothes when working with a chainsaw is of utmost importance for your safety. Some items that will provide you safety include boots made up of leather or those with toes made of steel, ear plugs so that your ears remain protected from the loud noise and glasses to save your eyes from any flying debris.

3. Check Chainsaw Before Using. Before you start the chainsaw, check the chain tension, make sure all bolts are tight and check fluid levels.

4. Proper Starting. Although it may be easier to start a chainsaw while holding it in one hand, avoid this. Place the chainsaw on the ground and start.

5. What to do while carrying the chainsaw? You should check some things before carrying your chainsaw to a rough terrain. The chain brake should be engaged or the chainsaw should be completely shut off.

6. Proper Cutting Technique. Do not start cutting from the tip of the chainsaw as it’s possible for the chainsaw to kick-back quite a bit. Some saws have a tip guard, which should not be removed.

7. Sharpening the chainsaw. You need to keep the chainsaw sharp so that it can work properly as per your expectations. Some local stores can sharp it or you can also purchase a chainsaw sharpener that you will easily find in the market. With this chainsaw sharpener, you will be able to sharp your chainsaw yourself at your own home.

8. Proper way to hold the chainsaw. To keep the chainsaw safe for yourself, make sure that it never goes above your chest area. If you want to move the chainsaw in different position, then move yourself rather than over-reaching. By stretching, you may lose your body balance and this can result in some serious incident.

By taking care of all these precautions, you will be able to use your chainsaw in a safe manner without hurting yourself or those around you. Always use safety precaution while using chainsaw.

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