Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp, Natural Wood Designer Table Lamp for Living Room, Bedroom, Studio, Study and Office – Green

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tomons DL1001GR Swing Arm Desk Lamp, Natural Wood Designer Table Lamp for Living Room, Bedroom, Studio, Study and Office, Green

Versatile applications May it be as a light source for your desk or as reading lamp on your nightstand – the Tomons desk lamp does not simply provide illumination, but features a modern and timeless design as well. The lamp improves your home environment, while being a functional desk lamp for your office environment at the same time. "Scandinavian" design – simple and sleek The exciting mix of metal and wood results in a unique design and delivers a finishing touch to your room's decoration
  • Nature Wood Frame The body is made of solid wood, firm and chemical-free. The cable is covered with nylon, stronger and more flexible
  • Modern Style Classic Solid wood meets iron, simple and classic style
  • Portable & Light-weight Easy to use and store. The lamp is adjustable. You can adjust the angle and height as you wish. With the separable design, it can be stored in a small space
  • Specification 110-240V power, E26 light bulb, Screw socket
  • Tips Bulb is not included in the package. To avoid overheating, please use LED bulb 4W-6W/energy saving bulb 8W-11W/incandescent bulb 15W-25W (40W MAX)

List Price : $ 35.39

Price : $ 35.39

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Toland Home Garden Fall Rooster 20 x 38 Inch Decorative Classic Autumn Design Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat

At Toland Home Garden, we believe in making mats that are bright and vibrant for all times of the year. We create our designer mats to be an enchantment to every season, an announcement for every holiday, and a declaration of your personal style year-round. Our Comfort Mats are Made in the USA using creative, original artworks licensed exclusively for Toland. There are many great uses for our soft step Comfort Mats. The soft, foam padding will help ease pressure while you stand at your work stat
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Anti-fatigue Comfort Mats feature 3/8" soft urethane foam padding that is low-profile to reduce chances of tripping and a high-quality durable construction that is UV, mildew, and stain resistant
  • COMFORT SIZE: Indoor, outdoor Comfort Mats are 38" x 20" with a non-skid foam to help mats stay in place on the floor and on non-slip surfaces
  • QUICK CLEAN: No scrubbing needed! Doormats are a great tool to protect floors and cleaning is quick and easy; just spray off with a hose or use a sponge and mild detergent to clean spills or messes
  • MADE IN USA: Made in the USA, Toland Home Garden's beautiful, vibrant, decorative door mat designs will turn any entrance, office or craft room into a charming work of art
  • VARIETY OF USES: Floormats work well for many types of uses; the soft padding will help ease pressure on your feet, knees, and back while you stand at your desk and the foam cushion will make your kitchen more comfortable

List Price : $ 30.50

Price : $ 29.98

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So you’ve decided to bring your office to life with some modern designer furniture, but you don’t know where to begin? This simple guide shows you what you need to make the furnishing speak volumes about your business for even the smallest budgets.

To start with, let’s just banish the myth that designer furniture is expensive. Because the costs only mount up when you need to buy desks and chairs for numerous employees – and you’re only going to have lots of employees if your business is bringing in a lot of revenue.

And the more revenue you bring in, the more you pay in taxes. Which means you can claim more on expenses in order to get tax relief.

So you can buy designer furniture, effectively for nothing in the grand scheme of things, based on the size and earnings of your company.

Clever eh?

You just need to make sure that you budget accordingly. Or if need be, use your expenses for a few months to build up a collection of furniture to revamp your office space.

In many ways, all you need is a fresh lick of paint on the walls, a clean carpet or laminate floor, some good desks, chairs and an eye catching clock. You can always add accessories later.


The most important piece of designer furniture for any office are desks. Because of their size, they set the tone of your work place. Fortunately, desk designs vary tremendously from the simple and functional to sweeping organic shapes in all manner of finishes to make a bold statement about your business the very second someone walks through the door. So choose your design carefully.

As well as helping to make a great first impression and set the style for the office space as a whole, a contemporary desk with matching storage space also helps work to become far more efficient as well. And because they’re always laminated in some form or another, they’re incredibly easy to keep clean.


Chairs are every bit as important as choosing the right desks when it comes to creating a first impression for your office. And your chairs should be every bit as stylish as your desks. Not just because your employees will be spending at least several hours of every day sitting in them, but because any visitors will be too.

A good quality designer office chair will have all the height, back and arm rest settings while typically being made from premium leather with a strong chrome finished steel frame for that professional appearance.

However, because these designer office chairs have all the adjustable features and are made from fine quality materials, they typically cost twice as much as most desks.

And just like desks, there are simple chair designs and there are extravagant chair designs, including cones, swirls and other unusual shapes. Just remember that someone may have to sit in them all day before buying anything incredibly outlandish.


A wall clock isn’t essential, unless your employees have a habit of skiving off early and you need to keep them in order. However, an eye catching clock can make a surprising difference to the overall impression of your office.

With clocks on everyone’s computers, phones and maybe even their wrists, you can choose style over substance when it comes to wall clocks. Minimalist star and sunburst designs are popular right now and they can really add a premium and professional feel to the office.


While you can go crazy with board room and break out room furniture, funky light fittings, desk lamps and coffee tables, the only designer furniture you really need to make an office look professional are desks and chairs. A wall clock is just a nice little extra to have.

Most importantly, you can claim this all on expenses for your business. So take some time to look around at the different styles of designer office furniture available, work out how much of these costs you can claim on your expenses and plan from there.

But most importantly, make sure that your office furniture accurately portrays your business the way you want to be seen by your clients, suppliers and new employees.

Business consultant Ben Biggs writes about helping businesses to get better at what they do from strategy and processes to presentation and people. In this instance, how to choose designer furniture for a modern office and make a great first impression which will lead to more calls, meetings and better business.

I wanted a big double desk. I made this one using three saw horses as legs, a spruce panel and spruce boards.

I wanted the pieces to be removable, so I joined everything with screws and metal corners.

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