Suncast SC2700 20-Inch Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo with Wear Strip And D-Grip Handle

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Suncast SC2700 20-Inch Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo with Wear Strip And D-Grip Handle

Telescoping poly auto shovel, non stick 11" w x 13" H Grey blade, 36" overall length, 1-1/8" diameter poly coated ribbed steel core (R) shaft with snap lock fasteners & D grip.
  • No-stick graphite blade
  • Galvanized Steel Wear Strip
  • Comfort Grip Steel Core handle
  • Blade 20-by13-inches, Length 51-inches
  • 51-inches overall length with 20-inch blade

List Price : $ 21.99

Price : $ 22.48

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Snow might seem picturesque for the first few days, but what is a clear indication of the impending holidays at first becomes a seasonal burden once it settles in. Not only do you have to consistently shovel it off, but you will also find that they will not be as pleasant looking after the first few weeks. In fact, nothing looks more depressing than dirty snow piled up on your lawn.

To get rid of snow, there’s always the natural but backbreaking way to shovel them off whenever it has become an impediment. It may sound simple, yes, but shoveling snow requires a fit body to be able to do all the work safely. Plus, the person doing all the shoveling should know that he must not bend his back, but rather at the knees if he wants to lift heavy snow.

There are alternatives to shoveling, of course. Most of them need big and loud, complex and bulky equipment, though. Complicated solutions also have a much higher chance of making a mishap in the event of, based on my experience. Because of the cold, an engine may fail to even start.

The simplest solution in the end would still be the reliable old snow shovel. While we are all familiar with the dilemma of every snow shoveler’s back, this does not mean that the original design must stay the way it is forevermore.

The developers of the classic snow shovel have exactly this in mind. When you see the simplicity and practicality of the new and improved shovel, you will realize how safe your back is from harm. You’ll notice that it is still the same old classic snow shovel, and it will not need extra space or any other fuss. You can go and visit the best snow shovel design today, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

With the severity of winter in his state, Rick Amorey was this close to buying an expensive tool before he discovered the Best Snow Shovel. If you want to Shovel Snow in half the time, be sure to disover our best snow shovels!

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