Keter Store-It-Out MIDI Outdoor Resin Horizontal Storage Shed

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Keter Store-It-Out MIDI 4.3 x 2.5 Outdoor Resin Horizontal Storage Shed

Store your household goods in style with our convenient plastic shed. You'll love the way this attractive storage container protects your belongings while complementing your outdoor decor. Perfect for both lawn, deck and garden, our outdoor storage box is lightweight yet sturdy. This attractive Keter shed will look great in your backyard, garden area or next to the pool. Its neutral colors and wood-look texture are perfect for any setting. Everyone in the family will loving having easy access to
  • Stylish wood-look texture in neutral colors to complement any home
  • Made from polypropylene resin plastic & steel reinforcement to ensure its durability
  • Storage capacity: 30 cu. ft.
  • Built-in support for shelf (shelf not included)
  • Can store two 32-gallon trash cans

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Price : $ 149.09

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As summer gets into full swing, people everywhere will be packing their sunhats, tents, and wellies and heading off to one of the many great festivals the UK has to offer. Despite not being blessed with the best weather, when it comes to putting on an outdoor show, few countries can compete with Britain. There are literally hundreds of events every year showcasing the best in music, comedy, and entertainment from around the world.

If you are planning to host your own outdoor event this year, before any act has been booked and any catering van has been hired, you need to consider one thing: generators.

Weather aside, power is the one thing your event will be judged on, for without it there can be no entertainment. Given the lack of mains connectivity in random fields, this power needs to come from electric generators and, ensuring your event passes without a glitch, makes choosing the right type of generator is essential.

Getting the Power Right

When hiring diesel generator sets, reliability is generally not an issue; these machines are built to perform under any circumstances and can operate for prolonged periods without flinching. So long as you go with a reputable hire firm, you will not have to worry about a generator breaking down.

Where the right decision really matters is in the choice of power. For the sake of the event and the money in your pockets, you must hire a generator with the right load capacity.

According to the Green Festival Alliance, as many as 60% of generators used at outdoor events are more than double the required capacity. This means that the generator has a much larger power output than is required.

Electric generators that run at low loads result in fuel being consumed at a greater rate than energy is produced. Not only is this bad from an environmental standpoint, it will cost you considerably more than a smaller generator to hire and keep running.

Power is one of the largest costs associated with organising an outdoor event and having the wrong generators will eat away needlessly at your budget. Before hiring, make sure you talk to the professionals and find a generator that meets your requirements.

Silent Power

The sound of a generator is typically not an issue at the majority of outdoor events; however, if you are operating close to a residential area, noise pollution may become a factor. Where sound needs to be kept to safe levels, silent generators can provide the solution. These are designed to include sound-absorption materials and exhaust mufflers to reduce running noise and can power your event without drawing any unwanted attention.

Dieselec Thistle is the UK’s leading generator specialist, providing diesel generator sets and silent generators for all outdoor events.

Outdoor Enclosure for Portable Generator

More info here –

DIY Generator Outdoor Generator Enclosure

Easy to make Genset Enclosure from a –

Suncast GS2500 Horizontal Shed

Fantech 2SHE1021 10″ Shuttered Fan (the 12″ is cheaper on Amazon right now and I would highly recommend it over the 10″)

Attic Vents for the intake

Exhaust is made from 3″ ducting. Have an end cap with a hole cut through just big enough for the small section of tube exiting the muffler and a round magnet inside the cap keeps it firmly attached.

Exits out the side of the generator with a 4″ dryer vent. I put some fiberglass in between the flexible 3″ and 4″ vent to stop the outside getting too hot and melting the plastic on the shed.

I also added a wireless thermometer to keep an eye on the temperature inside, I have a 120 degree normally open bi-metal switch I added to this.

So far the hottest it’s got inside was 100 degree’s last summer when it was 80 outside. You should double check with the manufacturer to find the max operating temperature of your generator.

Sound is reduced quite a bit and its protected from the elements.

I made a followup video showing the parts and assembly of the exhaust setup –

The Attic Vent is –

Master Flow 2 in. Resin Circular Mini Wall Louver Vent in White (6-Pack)

Model # RLSC2 Internet # 100090036 Store SKU # 388719
Video Rating: / 5

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