Honeywell Replacement Media FC100A1011- 20×20 – 5-Pack

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Honeywell Replacement Media FC100A1011- 20x20 - 5-Pack

Comes as a 5 Pack. 5 separate filters are included per order. Installation Location: Filter Cabinet Media Dimensions - Nominal Width (in.): 20 Media Dimensions - Nominal Length (in.): 20 Media Dimensions - Nominal Thickness (in.): 5 Media Dimensions - Actual Width (in.): 19-3/4 Media Dimensions - Actual Length (in.): 19-3/4 Media Dimensions - Actual Thickness (in.): 4-3/8 MERV Rating: 11
  • 5 Filters
  • Nominal Size: 20" x 20" x 4"
  • Actual Size: 19-7/8" X 19-7/8" X 4-3/8"
  • Honeywell
  • MERV 11

List Price : $ 128.97

Price : $ 127.99

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It’s time you reconsider the possibility of being in multiple places at the same time. With Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services, you can be bathing in a beach in Hawaii while monitoring your pizzeria in Rome. This powerful device created by Honeywell offers you the peace of mind you deserve despite being miles away.

Keep a close eye on your home or business by receiving important alerts and controlling your security system through the same mobile device you use every day. If you have a Blackberry, Apple device or any web-enabled mobile tool, Honeywell’s remote keypad feature allows you to access and operate your personal systems. You can arm, disarm, silence or check your security system and control lights, garage and warehouse doors anywhere you may be in the world.

Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services further allow users to access up to 100 locations with just one login. This multiple account capability is greatly helpful for vacation homes and franchises. If you want to know what peace of mind looks like, then picture your property in complete order despite being miles away.

Users receive event notification via email or video alerts. These show the latest activities on what’s going on with your home or business, providing you just the awareness you need. Know when your child has arrived home from school, when temperature change has been detected and if motion is sensed in protected areas in your property. The possibilities that Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services provide for your security and comfort are endless.

Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services provide homes and businesses the total peace of mind knowing that their properties stay safe and secure. Honeywell harnesses the power of the Internet to allow you to see your properties even though you are not physically present. See for yourself what is going on in your home or business with Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services.

Honeywell TotalConnect Remote Services provides you with information on demand in real time, whether you are in another room or in another country. You can check on any location using a web-enabled mobile device like a laptop or smartphone and you get notified, and then watch and record event-based live feeds as they happen. Businesses and individuals can view from a diverse number of angles by utilizing one or more cameras with pan and tilt capabilities.

Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services is a cutting edge solution designed to address surveillance concerns for residential and commercial venues. With just one camera, you can rest assured that you remain connected with what’s important to you. If you would like to read up some more on Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services, visit: and

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Portable, lightweight, and safe solutions for a wide range of confined space applications such as rescue, positioning, entry, and personnel or material handling.
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