Folgers Classic Roast Ground Coffee, Medium Roast, 30.5 Ounce

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Folgers Classic Roast Ground Coffee, Medium Roast, 30.5 Ounce

Folgers Classic Roast coffee is made from Mountain Grown beans, the richest and most aromatic in the world. This classic medium-roast finely ground coffee has a fresh, eye-opening aroma that will entice you every morning. Folgers Classic Roast coffee is classic for a reason—that consistently rich, pure taste, cup after cup and The Best Part of Wakin’ Up for more than 150 years
  • 30.5 oz can
  • The world's richest and most aromatic medium-roast finely ground coffee made with Mountain Grown beans
  • 100% Arabica coffee, sustainably grown and sourced from Nicaragua. Roasted in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Interlocking AromaSeal canister seals tight to lock in freshness

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Price : $ 6.49

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The genuine delight of our hectic mornings, coffee has been boosting the morning mood ever since the 15th century. Pure Arabic tradition lies at the core of an addictive contemporary beverage, one that has paved the grounds for a wide variety of assortments. Whether a fan of the classical boiled coffee beans, the Turkish preparation method which employs the use of hot sand or the much more modern espresso, this dear habit, dare we call it a guilty pleasure, has definitely paved the way to your heart.

Coffee throughout the centuries: a short history

If 17th century Turkey was banned from tasting the sweet flavor of coffee because of religious reasons and if the Ethiopian Church regarded coffee drinking as unsuitable for secular consumption, this intriguingly addictive black liquid in a small cup still managed to become one of the most appreciated and beloved traditions.

In the 15th century, small communities in Yemen were cultivating, collecting and brewing coffee beans in the same organic way that we aspire to in the present day. Coffee lovers rapidly contributed to the spreading of this black drink all the way from the Middle East to Italy. In the 17th century, coffee was accepted by the Catholic Church and became popular throughout Europe.

When the British colonies settled in North America, the espresso beans conquered new territories. Coffee went truly international. Modern days witness the advent of organic coffee as a way of exploring all the benefits it provides without the risk implied by preservation methods.

The advent of online coffee boutiques

Nowadays, coffee lovers can enjoy all the benefits that centuries of improvement in exploiting, preparing and serving coffee have shaped for the modern man. Online coffee shopping is just as intense and rewarding as any other form of e-shopping, including the advantages of organic, pure assortments, innovative coffee blends, various seasonal coffee drinks and special discounts. offers an irresistible range of coffee specialties that cater for all tastes.

If you call yourself a true coffee lover and you are eager to experience the taste of various coffee blends, if you want to boost your energy with a genuine espresso or you are just looking to indulge yourself in its unmistakable taste, opting for decaf coffee, we recommend you to visit an online coffee boutique which will only leave you longing for more. brings together the thrills of special assortments, including authentic varieties and summer drinks, with the temptation of special discounts. You won’t be able to stop shopping for coffee! And you never should!

Coffee-Boutique blends innovation and tradition together, capturing the essence of a worldwide classic: genuine quality coffee. Discover our selection of exquisite tastes which will make you fall in love with coffee over and over again. Indulge yourself with the taste of 100% original coffee!

Coffee drinks you’ll love a latte.

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