Flash Furniture Rattan Indoor-Outdoor Restaurant Stack Chair (4 Pack), Dark Brown

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Flash Furniture 4 Pk. Dark Brown Rattan Indoor-Outdoor Restaurant Stack Chair

Enhance your bistro, cafe, restaurant, hotel or home patio space with this chair. This chair features a curved back, and rattan seat to keep you comfortable. This lightweight construction allows you to easily move and stack for storing. Cross braces provide extra stability. The protective plastic feet prevent damage to flooring. The frame is designed for all-weather use making it a great option for indoor and outdoor settings. For longevity, care should be taken to protect from long periods of w
  • Stackable Cafe Chair
  • Stacks up to 23 Chairs High
  • Curved Back
  • Dark Brown Rattan Seat and Back
  • Integrated Arms
  • Cross Braces provide extra stability
  • Black Powder Coated Frame Finish
  • Plastic Floor Glides
  • Lightweight Design
  • Designed for Indoor and Outdoor Use

List Price : $ 104.75

Price : $ 104.74

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About two years ago, I was looking at patio furniture at a local store when I spotted a familiar face across the aisle: it was my neighbor, and he was looking at the exact same patio set I was! We both chuckled at the coincidence, and actually ended up buying very similar patio sets – both from the same manufacturer, but each with a slightly different design. We were both sold on the sold construction of the furniture, and by the impeccable reputation of the company that made it.

Back at home, we each set our patio furniture up and immediately began enjoying it. My family began enjoying spending more time than ever before out back, and we held many fun parties, barbecues and other memorable events. Guests were always impressed with the style and looks of the patio furniture that I’d purchased, and I always felt immeasurably proud at what a wise choice I’d made.

During one such get together, a friend asked me whether I covered up my patio furniture; I told him no, and that I didn’t think that was necessary since this furniture was designed to be kept outdoors. He told me how covering up patio furniture was one of the smartest things you could do to protect your investment, and that he’d made the mistake of not covering his up a few years back and ended up needing to buy a whole new set. He referred me to a reputable company, urging me to start covering up my high quality patio furniture right away.

Why I Started Using Patio Furniture Covers

My friend ended up convincing me that I needed to invest in some patio furniture covers; I visited the website that he’d referred me to and was quite pleased the attractive range of choices they had. Far from being dull, tarp-like products, these patio covers were made of sound craftsmanship and boasted many truly stunning patterns and colors. Once I was certain that these covers would in no way detract from my patio’s look – and that they’d actually enhance it in many ways – I ordered a set of patio chair covers and other items and eagerly awaited their arrival.

In the meantime, I told my neighbor about ordering those patio covers and the story that my friend had related to me. He shook his head adamantly, telling me I’d been conned into needlessly wasting my money on something I just didn’t need. He said that considering how expensive the furniture we’d bought was, it would surely stand up to the elements perfectly fine on its own. Although I did feel a bit uncertain about those patio covers now, I decided that they were worth a shot and figured my neighbor might end up regretting his hasty decision.

As soon as the patio covers arrived, I set about covering up my furniture. The website had promised that these covers would be easy to use, and they weren’t exaggerating: I was able to place them on each piece of furniture without issue. My wife and other family members immediately remarked upon the covers’ attractive design, and agreed that there was absolutely no reason not to give them a try. I waved to my neighbor sitting over on his own patio, and he again shook his head in dismay at me – as if to suggest I’d made a foolhardy decision.

My Investment In Patio Covers Proves Wise

I got into the habit of using my patio covers every night, and whenever we weren’t going to be using the furniture for an extended period of time. When the summer came to a close, I took extra care in covering up my furniture, and stored it in an out of the way spot to maximize its protection. At the same time, my neighbor simply left his where it had always been – out in the open, exposed to the harsh winter elements.

When spring rolled back around, I unveiled my patio furniture and removed the patio covers. The furniture shined as brightly as the day that I’d first brought it home; those patio furniture covers had done a truly admirable job. Wondering how my neighbor’s furniture had fared, I took a look over the fence at it. His chairs and table were already showing signs of fading, and the furniture looked decidedly aged. I couldn’t believe what a major difference using patio chair covers had already made.

The following year, the same process occurred: I covered up and protected my investment with patio furniture covers while my neighbor left his set out in the open. Once again, my furniture sparkled and shined, looking like it just came out of the box. This time around, my neighbor’s furniture looked downright unattractive – and it had only been two years since he purchased it! There was no doubt whatsoever that the patio covers are what made the real difference in this situation – and no question that I’d been wise in using them to protect my furniture.

How I Passed Along What I’d Learned About Patio Furniture Covers

Needless to say, my neighbor learned a valuable lesson from the ordeal; the furniture that we’d purchased at the same time fared far differently, and it all owed to the high quality patio chair covers I’d used. He went out and bought all new furniture – and got some patio covers this time, too. I’m certain that this set will last him much longer than the last one did.

Whenever I hear a friend or family member talking about buying a new set of patio furniture, I tell them about my neighbor and I – much like the person who approached me had so long ago. Generally, they walk away convinced that they should buy patio covers themselves. I always tell them that although they may want to avoid spending even more money, patio covers actually save them money in the long run.

Jack Labens is a homeowner committed to patio furniture covers, patio chair covers, patio table covers, and patio covers in general. To learn more about outdoor furniture covers, check out Empire Patio Covers at: .


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