Fiskars 3 Piece Softouch Garden Tool Set (7067)

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Fiskars 3 Piece Softouch Garden Tool Set (7067)

Durable and comfortable, Fiskars Softouch Garden Tools make digging, weeding, aerating quick and easy. The soft, contoured handles fit your hand naturally and encourage a neutral wrist position to help reduce hand stress and fatigue. The flat end pads of the handles also offer a smart way to generate more leverage than other garden tools. The cast-aluminum heads resist rust and won’t snap off while you’re working no matter how tough your soil is. Additionally, the handles feature hang holes
  • Ideal for a variety of tasks including digging, weeding, loosening soil, aerating, transplanting and more
  • Soft, contoured handles are ergonomically designed to reduce hand and wrist fatigue while working
  • Curved heads and forked tines make breaking up tough soil easy
  • Cast-aluminum heads resist rust for lasting value
  • Lifetime warranty

List Price : $ 15.77

Price : $ 14.00

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Most of us are satisfied with having our garden tools in one corner of our garage or garden. Some of use even leave our garden tools on the ground. Placing garden tools in an inappropriate place may cause different types of troubles. It may cause accidents and will damage your tool.

I’d like to discuss on the importance of a garden tool holder in a garden. Garden tool holders main purposes are the following:

1. tool organization

2. garden orderliness

3. garden safety

4. tool upkeep

5. space provider

In my opinion, as a person who manages a garden, the tool arrangement function of garden tool holders is the most basic role of garden tool holders in a garden. We almost buy garden tool randomly without even considering about where we can put them or how to take care of them. As a gardener, it is of importance that we are able to maintain the effectiveness of a certain garden tool. One of the most basic thing we can do to keep them in use for a long time is by finding them a good place where it will not be exposed to too much air, water, rain, sunlight etc.

The garden is a beautiful place where the family can hold a reunion party or sit to relax. It is also a place where we can do picnic. It is important that we keep the garden beautiful and safe. Some of us may never leave a single garden tool on the grass or hanging on the fence. It will not look good and it may attract kids and use it improperly.

Tools are mostly made of steel. Some tools have wooden handles. Steels and wood are non-resistant to water, sunlight or change of weather. These types of materials may crack or brittle once exposed to different changes in the atmosphere. Steel reacts to these changes and may rust and will soon loose its sharpness. Wood may rot and will not be as hard as it was first bought.

Garden tool holders are space-savers. You can turn the most cluttered room into a room with more space by putting some tools inside your house in a tool holder,cabinet or shelf.

What are the garden tools that can be placed in a garden tool holder? Most common garden tools are diggers, sweeper, water pipe, push cart and water device. There are different types of garden tool holders that are made to be able to organize all types of tools. Some tools are placed in a cabinet. There are some tools that has holes and handles. These hand grip tools with holes are placed on the wall on a hook. Some are just placed on the dry ground.

Electrical or car tools can also be placed in a garden tool holder. Most electrical or car tools are also used in the garden such as when you have to create a fence or fix a wood instrument.

There are so many types of garden tool holders. Some are made of plastic, wood, and steel. They can either be a garden tool rack, storage rack, or garden tool cabinets and other space-saving racks.

Steels can be pulled by magnets. eBay and Amazon do well garden tool holders that have magnets that can keep steel garden tools in place. This a better way to keep garden tools in place instead of using hooks and other materials.

Find more about online shopping or about Garden Tool Holder.

Rod Bailey discusses common tools he uses in the garden at Eastward.

This video was created to compliment a seminar Rod and Desley conducted in Melbourne, September 2014.

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