Dixie Everyday Paper Plates, 10 1/16 Inches, 44 Count (Pack of 5)

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Dixie Everyday Disposable Paper Plates, 10 1/16 Inch Plates, 220 Count (5 Packs of 44 Plates); Designs May Vary

For nearly a century, Dixie has created products that make lives easier. From the first disposable paper cup to our strong, durable and stylish disposable paper plates, the history of Dixie is one of bringing people together. Dixie Ultra paper plates and paper bowls will handle your heaviest meals, whether it is dinner, a holiday, or any other special occasion. With Dixie Ultra, you can focus on great conversation and keep coming back for seconds and thirds without need of a new plate! Every hea
  • Paper plates perfect for dinner, entertaining and holiday meals
  • 220 dinner size plates (10 1/16 inches) in a case of 5 packs of 44; designs may vary
  • Soak Proof Shield, Cut resistant & microwavable paper plates, and Packaged in an easy-to-open box
  • *Recyclable (facility must accept food-contaminated paper waste) and compostable in composting facilities (not at home)
  • Subscribe and Save up to 15%; try our Dixie Ultra Moments for unique style and our Dixie To Go cups for on-the-go use

List Price : $ 17.99

Price : $ 16.09

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To some people, having a personalized plate may seem like something that is gimmicky and unnecessary. Yet many people love the idea on having a personalized plate on their car. They like the idea of standing out from the crowd and having something on their vehicle that is uniquely their own. Let’s look at some of the top reasons why people want to have a personalized plate.

A Subtle Way to Personalize Your Car

A personalized plate is a subtle way to add your personal touch to the car without altering its general appearance or physical value. More adventurous personalities might consider an extravagant paint job, a special leather interior or other physical modifications. The problem with doing something like that is that each person’s taste is different. When it comes time to sell the car, you may not be able to recoup the costs of all the modifications you made. A personalized plate, however, is an item that can be easily attached or detached to a vehicle. It won’t change anything about the car; it simply adds your personal mark to the car.

Keep the Plate When You Upgrade Your Car

Most of the time, a personalized plate is not something that is unique to a specific car. When the time comes for you to get a new car, you can keep the same personalized plate and have your new car registered under the same plate. Granted, there may be a little more paperwork involved on the DMV side of things but keeping your personalized plate has definite advantages. If, for example, your personalized plate has your initials on it, your surname or some other combination of letters, it will then be a plate that can easily be transferred to another car. If the plate reflects a business name or your profession then you will definitely want to keep the plate.

Make Your Car a Talking Point

Seeing a personalized plate on a car when you are sitting in traffic can often provide a source of amusement. Cheeky or funny personalized plates can be good sources of conversation. A plate that plays on words, uses anagrams to say something, or plays on phonetics can be fun to try figure out. You can get creative in the personalized plate that you select and let it reflect a bit of your personality. Perhaps you have been saving for your new car for some time and finally have it. You can use a personalized plate as a way to celebrate that fact.

Advertise Your Business or Profession

Signage on vehicles sometimes can be a bit overwhelming to the eye and some people don’t want to drive around in a branded vehicle. It is fine for work hours but if you are going out for dinner or on vacation, sometimes it’s better to leave the office behind you. A personalized plate is a much less obvious way to brand your vehicle and advertise your business. In some professions, for example, in the medical field, it is not always acceptable to advertise your services. However, you could have a personalized plate that reads “DR SMITH: or something similar that tells people what your profession is.

A Personalized Plate Has Value

When you start to shop for a personalized plate, you can realize the value that it can obtain. Some personalized plates sell for a lot of money, depending on how much they are in demand. If you create a quirky plate, you could later resell it and even realize a profit on the sale of it.

You Can Change Your Personalized Plate

If you have outgrown the humor of your personalized plate, you don’t have to be stuck with it forever. Online trading companies can help you sell your plate and change it for another one. You may simply decide that you no longer want a personalized plate, in which case you can sell your personalized plate and then just register for a standard one. On the other hand, you may be used to the idea of having a unique plate but want to change it for a plate that is more fitting to your current lifestyle. You could search out and purchase a new personalized plate once you have sold your original one. This whole process can be efficiently handled by an online broker on your behalf so it involves minimum time and effort on your part.

The Private Plate Company is leaders of Personalized private plates and car registration. Conduct your own free search, and choose from our huge selection of private-sale plates.

Vangioni paso por el Monumental ¿Vuelve a River Plate? ¿Hay chances? – 15/6/2017

El jugador del Milan, ex campeon de la Copa Libertadores con River Plate, pasó a saludar a sus ex compañeros y habló con la prensa.

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