Copper Fry Pan 5 piece Cookware Set – Non Stick Black and Copper Chef Frying Pans with Induction Bottom Steamer Tray and Frying Basket – Oven Safe Non-Stick Deep Square Design with Glass Lid

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Copper Pan 5 piece Cookware Set - Non Stick Black and Copper Chef Saute Frying Pans with Induction Bottom Steamer Tray and Fry Basket - Oven Safe Non-Stick Deep Square Design with Glass Lid

Our non stick copper fry pan 5 piece cookware set with 9.5" square pan is a home chef's dream! This 5 Piece includes 9.5 inch pan, tempered glass lid, fry basket, steam rack and spatula. The ceramic inside coating allows you to cook without butter and oil. Now you can bake, fry, roast, steam, saute and broil your food all with the same set! The Stainless Steel Induction Plate means no more hot spots. Allowing for faster cooking times because of controlled even cooking. The outside layer features
  • SAY BYE-BYE TO EXCESS BUTTER AND OIL - Unlike regular pots and pans, our non-stick ceramic inside coating allows you to cook without all that extra butter and oil. The perfect kitchen companion for people with special diets or need to reduce their cholesterol levels.
  • WHAT'S IN THE BOX - Your new 5 piece copper cookware set includes: 1 - Deep 9.5 inch square skillet with induction plate bottom, 1 - stainless steel fry basket, 1 - tempered glass lid, 1 - black spatula utensil, 1 - stainless steel steam plate.
  • YOUR FAVORITE FOODS COOKED FASTER - The stainless steel induction plate has been designed to eliminate hot spots while cooking. That means no more undercooked 'surprises' because your new pan allows you to evenly cook your favorite foods. This even cooking allows for faster cooking times.
  • THE ULTIMATE COOKING EXPERIENCE - Your copper pan is perfect for cooking on any surface. From electric, gas, ceramic and even induction cooktops. Now you can bake, fry, roast, steam, saute and broil your favorite foods all with the same set!
  • 100% SAFE ALL AROUND - Rest assured that your new copper pan set is a safe purchase. The fry pan is scratch resistant, heat resistant and dishwasher safe. ALSO your cookware is both PFOA & PTFE free

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Today the variety available in cookware is staggering. Gone are the days when all you saw was stainless steel cookware or copper and aluminium cookware in homes; today traditional utensils also comes in fancy variety and buying these is affordable enough for everyone, not only the rich. So here is a simple guide on what materials and types are available, whether you want to buy cookware in brick and mortar stores or online stores.

Traditional Cookware – Even today stainless steel cookware reigns supreme and every Indian home will have a few of these. They are easy to store, easy to clean, last for years to come and are also better compared to copper and aluminium because they are durable and resistant to bending, breaking and losing original shape. Today many manufacturers are creating these in elegant designs, so that they serve dual purpose as serving ware as well and look elegant gracing dining tables.

Induction cookware – These contains ferromagnetic materials and can also be used on a traditional gas stove as well as an induction top. The utensils will have a layer of magnetic metals and that can some kind of iron. You will find induction cookware set in enamel cast iron, cast iron and stainless steel cookware. Materials that cannot be used as induction cookware are aluminium, glass and copper, unless they have a bottom layer of metal with magnetic characteristics.

Oven cookware – Used essentially for baking pies, savoury dishes and desserts, the best oven cookware is steel cookware because it distributes the heat evenly for even cooking. Cheaper aluminium bakeware is also available, though it bends and warps with regular usage and is not a long lasting option. Remember, the key to good oven cookware is to pick a metal that will provide even heat throughout the cooking process to have a good turnout, and while stainless steel cookware is a good option, so are ceramic cookware and glass.

Microwave cookware – Today microwave cooking is very popular and microwave cookware is specially designed to allow microwave transmission through the cookware as well as the food. A good microwave cookware set will be made from glass, china clay, plastic, tough melamine or even ceramic cookware. Any kind of cookware that has metal trimmings or decorations should not be put into the microwave.

Non stick cookware – This kind of cookware comes with a special coating on its inner surface called Teflon, and sometimes even on the outside. It is easy to cook in this style of cookware with minimal oil and these are also the easiest to clean. Non stick cookware sets are an excellent choice if you want your cooking to be healthy. The sets come in many options – you have sets that include woks of different sizes; or a set with wok, saucepan and frying pan; and much more. This kind of cookware is best for people who are trying to lose weight or have to limit the amount of fats in their dietary intake for medical reasons. Good non-stick cookware will have three or more layers of non-stick material for durability, while some will also have a Copper coating to increase their life.

If you are health conscious, nonstick cookware sets are a must buy item for you. If you love to bake or cook in the microwave, ceramic cookware is versatile and can easily be used on induction cooktops, traditional gas, ovens, and microwave and even be used as serving dishes.

Cookware Sets & Which Pieces to Buy

Cookware purveyor Mario Fiorucci explains the advantages choosing individual cookware pieces over buying a “set”.

We encourage you to buy only the pieces you need and in the best materials for the task. Cookware is an investment that if well planned, can be enjoyed by generations. Very informative.

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