Clifton Black Computer Desk

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Flash Furniture Clifton Black Computer Desk

The Clifton Computer Desk is an efficient and secure workstation that fits well in small spaces.The generous desk surface is made from black laminate with a raised top shelf for your monitor and a lower bottom shelf for your hard-drive and other supplies. The desk has a modern silver, powder coated frame finish and a perforated lower frame design. Self-leveling floor glides keep your desk from wobbling on uneven floor surfaces and protect your floors by sliding smoothly when you need to move the
  • Contemporary Design
  • Black Laminate Finish
  • Raised Top Shelf
  • Bottom Shelf: 13.875''H from floor
  • 16.5'' between main surface and bottom shelf
  • Perforated Lower Frame Design
  • Silver Powder Coated Frame Finish
  • Self-Leveling Floor Glides

List Price : $ 129.99

Price : $ 38.25

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Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk, Cinnamon Cherry Finish

Just purchased a new computer? Give it a new home with this computer desk from the Beginnings collection. It features an elevated monitor/printing shelf, a slide-out keyboard/mouse shelf, and a dedicated space for a vertical CPU tower. Additional storage can be found behind the lower door, perfect for storing books and other office supplies. Finished in Cinnamon Cherry, this stylish desk will get you organized and help you get the job done.
  • Slide-out keyboard/mouse shelf with metal runners and safety tops
  • Elevated shelf for monitor/printer
  • Hidden storage behind door
  • Dedicated storage for vertical CPU tower
  • Cinnamon Cherry finish

List Price : $ 57.99

Price : $ 57.99

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Home computers, in the past decade, have found their way into millions of homes worldwide. The speed at which people have integrated home computing into their work and personal life styles has been nothing short of astonishing. Parents are accomplishing personal work on their personal computers and spend a lot of time behind their monitors. A home computer desk is a essential piece of furniture for households where personal computers reside. In the late 1980’s and most of the 1990’s, laptops could be found on an old table or nightstand. The home computer desk wasn’t a common piece of furniture as it is now. In no way did these settings allow for you to sit comfortably and work on your computer. The most efficient way for you to work is to have an ergonomically designed home computer desk along with an ergonomically designed chair. The furniture is essential for you to sit and work on a computer 8-hours a day. The only way you can effectively, in the long run, work on a computer is to have a comfortable chair and desk. An ergonomically designed home computer desk assists you to stay comfortable while you work on a spreadsheet.

The desk provides room to keep office supplies, stamps, ledgers, outgoing mail, personal pictures, and physical documents. You possess computer related products such as printers, scanners, keyboards, mouse, DSL routers that require location near your home computer. A desk offers plenty of room to accommodate the physical presence of these items. You must be able to work in an organized, functional, and relaxing setting. The workspace provides the ambiance for an efficient work day.

A home computer desk with a movable keyboard drawer is perfect for most people as the keyboard does not have to take up unnecessary desk space and can be pulled out only when needed. A wonderful desk is combination of shelf and cabinet space, keyboard/mouse pull-out shelf to keep your hands at the right height, and room for telephone and other desk tools of the trade. Glass computer desks provide a wonderful relaxing atmosphere as you have a feeling of working on space.

There are quite a few home computer desk designs that are available. Vantage, O’Sullivan, Mertitline, Cobblestone are a few brands. The cost can run between $ 150 to thousands of dollars for the ideal desk. For homes with limited floors pace, a corner home computer desk is the perfect solution. These L shaped computer desks fit closely into corners of rooms to maximize your space and keep the clutter to a minimum. The design of these types of desks offers them to be conveniently located in the corner of a room. This allows the desk to offer a full working area with being positioned in the corner, minimizing the amount of floor space that is utilized. These corner computer desks can be the ultimate piece of furniture to provide all of the space a person needs to comfortably work on a computer without taking up a huge square foot of space in the room.

You want a high quality computer desk that will endure for years and appears super. You can choose from a mahogany wood with stylish features and a professional look versus the computer desks that you build yourself. A traditional computer desk takes up more room, but offers the appearance and feel of a solid piece of furniture and provided a lot of working space for people. Most often you will opt a beautiful wood to accommodate an impeccable style and craftsmanship. You will often find it mandatory to have work documents nearby when working on a computer or to be able to jot down notes. A large oak home computer desk is a beautiful way to get all of the functional workspace needed while serving as a lovely piece of furniture in the home. These desks typically have plenty of drawers for storing files or other documents and, like their corner desk counterparts, are an essential part of any home office set up.

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Building the Ultimate Computer Desk Part 1, Building the Ultimate Computer Desk Part 1

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