Best ChoiceProducts Zero Gravity Chairs Tan Lounge Patio Chairs Outdoor Yard Beach New (Set of 2)

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Best ChoiceProducts Zero Gravity Chairs Tan Lounge Patio Chairs Outdoor Yard Beach New (Set of 2)

These zero gravity chairs are out of this world! With an innovative craftsmanship meant to emulate the weightlessness experienced in space, these folding chairs break the mold and provide maximum comfort with mesh seating that adjusts to your body. Whether you’re enjoying the sun and surf, camping in the wilderness, or enjoying your own patio, these chairs are made to fit your lifestyle—and you. SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions (Open): 32.5"-61"(L) x 25"(W) x 33.5"-44"(H); Dimensions (Folded): 38
  • Set of (2) chairs are built with quality UV-resistant mesh, a sturdy steel frame, and a comfortable removable pillow
  • Each chair has a detachable cup holder tray perfect for holding drinks, magazines, books, phones, tablets and more
  • Chairs are designed with a lockable reclining system, and replaceable elastic cords (extras not included), for chair that adjusts to your body
  • Effortless folding mechanism provides easy transportation and compact storage
  • Dimensions (Open): 32.5"-61"(L) x 25"(W) x 33.5"-44"(H); Dimensions (Folded): 38"(L) x 25"(W) x 6"(H); Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

List Price : $ 59.99

Price : $ 59.99

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Your patio deck can’t afford to go without several brand new chairs, or else you will not be able to get pleasure from the positive aspects of outdoor relaxation along with soaking in some sun! For anybody with a patio, chairs are a must.

And there are lots of different types available to choose from such as an Adirondack great style chair with its high back, sloping seat as well as oversized armrests or an American classic. Perhaps your interest lies in the Southern comforts; you may desire to lead a resort lifestyle by getting a new rocking chair.

You should determine what your needs are prior to choosing a specific type of chair. Will you be using your chair for eating or for reasons of relaxation? Do you want it to move, do you desire to stretch your legs out and put your feet up or do you desire to share it? Once you answer these questions you can begin looking at the different styles of outdoor chairs

Most commonly patio chairs are designed of wood along with different types of wood have varying life spans. Teak with its natural weather resistance generally lasts for fifty years, other woods like pine, cypress and mahogany have shorter life spans but many will last at least 5 years. Chairs made of resin have the look and feel of painted and will last a lifetime with almost no maintenance.

A patio will not function without chairs on it. How could you accommodate your dinner visitors, along with how would you be able to rest in the early mornings with your warm cup of coffee? The best way to see the range of patio chairs available is to shop online. As opposed to hopping from 1 store to another, you will be able to save a superb deal of time as well as gas money. No matter what your preferable chair may be, the Web stores will provide you the best assortment to pick along with choose from.

Many patio chairs are highly simple; you will find ones that slope into romantic curves along with others that boast suave simplicity, and you will always be able to find what you require. Available in a big variety of colors and patterns you will easily be able to match your motif and show off your personal style. From tomato red to lime green it’s hard not to indulge in a little relaxation on a patio chair with a plush cushion. In no time, you’ll be relaxing on a hazy summer afternoon with great ease, every time you open the door, you will be stepping into a patio paradise with the addition of several brand new patio chairs.

Tina likes to write many reviews on patio cushions and to discover the best designed patio seat cushions online.

How to build a double chair bench. Free working plans for the DIY bench are available on Pete shows step by step how to make the patio furniture.

For more info, project photos, and downloadable plans check out:

How to Build a Double Chair Bench with Table – Free Plans

Download Plans:

If you are wanting to build great looking chairs for your patio you’ve come to the right place. I bought a home late last year and didn’t have any patio furniture whatsoever. My dad had built a beautiful piece for their home and so I credit him with design help and the inspiration to build my own. This setup is perfect for enjoying a relaxing evening out on the deck with friends or family. I built my chairs out of cedar because cedar does not rot and stands up against the outdoor elements quite well. You can use pine as long as it is painted or coated with a thick finish of poly.

Make Your Cuts
Cut each piece on your miter saw. For all angles in this project, set the saw to 15 degrees. If you don’t have a miter saw you can find one here. I use a Dewalt 12″ miter saw for all of my projects.

Use a jigsaw to cut out the notch on the two front legs. The 2×6 piece will eventually rest in the notch. Measure 9 1/2 inches up from the bottom of the 2×4 front leg and mark. Measure 1 1/2″ back (depth). Then measure from your nine inch mark up 5 1/2″ and make one more mark. Connect the lines and cut out your notch on both pieces.

Next, grab a role of tape to make your rounded corners for the arms and back supports. Do a rounded corner for the two outside armrests, and for both outside pieces of the table top. Create rounded corners for the top of the backrest supports as well(Part H). Cut with a jigsaw and use an orbital sander to smooth the edges. Check out photos in later parts of the project to see the rounded edges.

Assemble Both Sides
As shown in the video, attach the front and rear leg together on the top with the arm support 2×4. Measure 11″ back from the rear of the front leg and put a mark. Then line up the rear leg so that the 15 degree angle sits flush with the arm support. Attach with 2 1/2″ Deck Screws. Use the star (torx) deck screws instead of philips because they are much easier to use and don’t strip. Only attach the two legs to the arm support in this step. We’ll get to the lower cross support later.

Measure 11 inches from the back of the front leg to the front of the back leg. Flush it up with the horizontal 2×4 and attach with 3 screws.

Attach each cross support. For the middle 2 you can drive 2 screws in from the front side. (Through the 2×6 and into the cross support.). To attach the rear side of the support drill a pilot hole through the side of the cross support at an angle down into the rear support. It will keep it in place and later steps will solidify the joint.

Attach Back Supports
Fasten to the sides with 2.5″ screws. Flush up the bottom with the 15 degree angle. The upper support arm bottom corner will be flush with the back side of the backrest support.

Attach Chair and Backrest 1×4 Wooden Slats
Attach the front slat so that it hangs over the front 2×6 by 3/4″. Then attach the rear slat so it touches the two backrest supports. Attach the remaining 3 slats and space them evenly apart. (About 1/4 or so). These boards are 20.5″ wide.

Next, attach the backrest slats. These boards are 19″ wide. Attach the top board first to help square up the backrest supports. Then attach the bottom slat. Finally, attach the remaining boards and space evenly.

Fill Screw Holes
Fill all the screw holes with wood putty. The screws need to be countersunk in order to fill them.

Apply Finish
I like to use Minwax Spar Urethane. It enhances the natural beauty of cedar and protect the wood against the outdoor elements.

Apply 2 coats of Urethane with a brush. Let the second coat dry completely (6-12 hours), then lightly sand the armrests, table, and areas you come in contact with when sitting (chair slats). This light sanding with 220 grit paper will remove any dust particles that settled in the first coat. Next, take a clean cloth and wipe a thin coat of poly on all the areas you sanded. This will give you a nice smooth finish. Once dry, enjoy your new furniture and have a barbecue!
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